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Year long and the first matchup against Indiana. Daniel gaffer absolutely dominated the game. He was the most athletic biggest threat on the inside. And and absolutely turned the game around for Arkansas without him today. Arkansas is going to be a much different team athletically now they could be harder to guard. And that's the thing. That's scary. For this Indiana team without gathered on the inside Arkansas is much less predictable offensively they're gonna play really fast. They're going to push the ball up the court, and you don't know where the points are gonna come from now two guards for Arkansas, really good. Isaiah Joe and Mason Jones are two really good shooters at six foot five there long athletic, and they can score in bunches in Indiana. I think defensively today Dan has got to have all five guys understanding who you're guarding. And how Arkansas can sports and how the guy you're guarding in store. It's going to be much more of a. Team match up and just be locked in zeroed in on the guy that your garden because without gaffer on the inside Indiana does not have to worry about. How are we gonna come? With a double team. Are we gonna front the post? It's going to be much more about individual matchups, Indiana. Sprinting back in transition defensively and understanding who you're guarding and keeping the ball in front. Now, not only can you guys hear me because I can't hear a thing at any rate. Both gaffer and Romeo Lankford are out. So the top two scores for these two teams are really not a factor in Walberg. Yeah. That's going to be the key for both of these teams playing without their stars trying to get the ball offensively where it needs to be scoring consistently each and every possession, Indiana without Romeo Langford. It's going to be a key for some of these other guys. Like, Al Durham, devante green Morgan have got to step up offensively in the same goes for Arkansas. Daniel Gifford is less of a score. Then Romeo Langford is just as big. Impact? He's a guy that could be a lottery pick first rounder for sure on the most athletic is on the court each and every game Arkansas steps on the court. Daniel gaffer will surely be missed here today along with Romeo length. Hoosier. Well, there's no question. This is a basketball team both. These teams are teams that had slumps in the middle of the season. And then, of course, get hot at the and there's that factor in this matchup today. I think it does I think both teams are playing. Well, right now, I was really impressed with the second half for Indiana without Romeo Langford net. First matchup, Indiana, look, slow and sluggish in the first half. They really turn it around Arkansas played really fast and their first NIT IT Matra this team scored over eighty point pushing the ball up and down the court. They're even tougher to guard right now, they're playing really well this season without. In the middle of that offense guards feeling more free looser shooting the basketball playing with a lot of confidence right now. I think these teams Donna playing really well. And you asked me before we went on the air nervous start to get a little nervous. Has got a great chance to win this game. Even without Daniel gathered in the game a win today. I guess the good Arkansas team, I think would be a very good victory. The NFL on their home floor to advance one step closer. Well, we look forward to bring you the play by play story. It's Indiana and Arkansas and the.

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