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That look a lot like the products that they're being advertised also your telling me that that poll x y that i bought in china town is not a real rolex no nope thats not not on in one of the reasons why they call it a poll axis because it looks like rolex but it's technically legally nod because it's got of p so if you do claims that you might i think it's a rolex very very sneaking that's how they can legally sell that product in the united states but of course a proper counterfeit good it actually says rolex on it i'd like it right and then that there's one thing that i'm not sure how familiar you are with the louisville cotton bad stl view logo right the counter fit do not have the little else and the va is but the other part of the pattern is spot a lot it's interesting i guess it when you when you want to look at these things there's interesting websites that a show you the comparisons between the two so become a fascinating to look into counterfeit but apparently you know we talked about shine over the years has gotten better and better at manufacturing they're just that manufacturing quality that's coming out of china has improved quite a bit in the last thirty years certainly more so in the last ten of those thirty years and they're better than ever now and that's being acknowledged in a major way by alley bob a founder jack mom now for those you know familiar with bubba they kind of made a splash i think was last year.

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