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And mythical adventurers not to debunk them s fact but that i just gain more from it when i view it that way when you viewed as a metaphor yeah then it takes it out of the space of the littoral and i feel like it's more enriching that way and so i don't really see the the point apart from when i was a kid and i was like really hoping that jains were behind the two theory i do believe that genes are behind the scenes i i do agree with that now i believe wholeheartedly that leg there are angels and that there are june's and i don't i actually don't believe jin's are the devil i just i believe that genes are like a fourth creature that we can't see and sometimes they traverse different dimensions and i believe in a believe ghost or something completely different and believe goes i think like my belief in goes to really change after mom died just because like my sister at her jenas i said that she could feel my moms hand on her head and just kinda like comforting her and i never actually got to feel my mom while awake by mom did come visit me and my dreams and then i had a interaction with a psychic who said that as she could fuels moms presence around me and just all of that stuff around it was just too coincidental you know just end just like feeling like i could feel her like i could feel the wind tickling my ankles but i could tell like that was sent from her or like when the cat stirred coming around this cat we didn't have all of a sudden strict coming around after momday yeah there's just too many signs too many things happening for me to do not believe so what i appreciate about everything you just said.

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