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That's i think. That's that's what. I'm trying to get a very roundabout way of getting there. Yeah it's also kind of like her looking at the puzzle like whoever she's talking to she kinda wants to try and see their game with the information she has in and try and see their perspective and then try and give them advice on their perspective. But she just doesn't. She's not careful with who she's saying that too. She just kind of going to everybody and derek is trying to give her trying to correct her perception of the game and she's not really seeing anything again. She's too confident in her own view that she can't see that she's people are trying to give her information. Yeah yeah they're like she's not listening enough to the information she's being given. She's just trying to trust her her own perceptions and yes she the at a point in the structure where her perceptions may not be reality. And that's the thing like some of her perceptions are great she is. She is a very after person. She's very smart. And so i think that's why she's come to trust her own judgement and perception. But you know you can't see everything by yourself you know. Sometimes you need a little bit of help from extra sources. And i feel like that's where she's dropping the ball a little bit but that's about where i'm are anything else. You wanna bring up. Okay sorry i have to bring up aasa exam your big d and the because they were. This is so funny again. We were not allowed to get the whole cookout in a room together. So when there's at least half of them in a room. I do like to listen and they were just going over. Big d at big d was saying that you know if he won he would he would target because he mainly thinks whitney will put him on the block. He doesn't know that as right now. That's not the correct assumption. But how else is he supposed to know when you know. Nothing funnels to him about her picks. He talks about how. He's relying on exuberant ause relationship with certain people to get him through. What is just like sir that you know. That's not going to take you too far especially since the person you were relying on is gone. Aasa had a comment here. Where they're they're afraid that if he wins other said then an afro will be on the block and they started laughing and she was like. That's only one person has afro in here. That's being it. It was just a joke to herself. Guys please don't take it too seriously. But was also saying that whitney has been you know flirt flirting with him and and people are seeing now. She is She is being a little bit more active. And this is what i think. People should take away as to. Why whitney might be targeted officer. Said the reason is being targeted is because people are seeing how quickly she can dispose of her allies. And that's reason that's a valid reason to some people in the house..

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