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Welcome to the bids for good show where we highlight misfits outcasts and renegades for the being good at doing good movement. We spotlight people that are changing the world by having integrity and honesty, and creating an environment of connection the showing the true secrets is excess at creating a life of greater impact. So come on board and create your own biz for good life. Well. Do the show. Welcome to the good show. Ladies and gentlemen. I am your host body Glenn James along with the Ryan Pilkington. And of course, today, we have an amazing. The mazing tells about the show ri-. Nia Bobby Bobby Bob a bus, Google, LA Blache goo. That's my new name. Bosch goo Bosch goo James with new Glenn James. He they could probably find me on the internet. If I went by Patzke bobowski Bosch ski. We're changing it now mid sins, but Bosque. Yeah, thanks for joining us for episode one. Oh, six of the bids for good show. Or on one. Oh, six people one zero six the biztv again show is coming to you. From episode one. Oh, six. Yes. From one planet out there called episode one of those. Yes, yes. Yes, folks. Welcome welcome to the show. Thank you for the coming to the best forget show where we highlight everybody doing all kinds of cool things that we are too fun. Adventurous entrepreneurs sharing the experiences of the real secret to success in business doing all things with a b good do. Good mindset. There is so much bad noise in the world. Let's fight against the noise by flooding the world with the girl. Good against cruel to go. These bottles on Instagram. Facebook Twitter Twitter Twitter, Itis, instant instant, Twitter, Facebook, and please subscribe on I tunes and all the other cool podcasting things, you know, there's a lot of podcasts at podcast out there. We know you there's a lot of stuff to listen to. But nobody's is fun. As us. Exactly. We're the honest. Okay. There might be a couple podcasts out there that are fun as us. But nobody this is fun is us that gives us much. Good information clean about how to be successful in business, and how to be successful in life by focusing yourself in a be good do good mindset or family friendly refund. People family friendly and refund we say all the f words exempt one. That Ryan, right. I went with it, man. I just Joe hashtag Joe. We do the clean lyrics or something setting an one thousand nine so we have a mess that up. So anyway, welcome welcome to the show. People even say the topic was Joe, oh, I just jumped I went fam- read. Hey, Ryan tells me about the show, okay? One of those things that's out of the show is no more bad days with Bonnie beach are in. She's an RN. She deserves that title. We're giving that to giving her that title people. So we're thank thank you for being on the show. She has learned his all this is going to be graying turn to push it through push it through. She she pulled through with the karaoke thing. That's why it's even worse today because she's creamed belted out last night. Right. You gave it on. They actually frozen terror. Oh, that's perfect. That's perfect. But there's no bad days. Right. No bad days. No bad days. Baby. I'm excited to talk about that. I have a feeling we're we're going to get deep into the good dates. Let me tell you more about Bonnie. She was born in Chicago suburb and the second of six kids and the eldest daughter her father had a stroke when she was nine years old and pass away. She was eleven Bonnie worked on everything from material maternal child health like, Tom. Medical surgery floor to home, healthcare and hospice, she owned a private duty nursing company as you also owned operated assisted living home. Her youngest daughter remains in northern Michigan worked as a veterinary technician and renovating century year old farmhouse her oldest daughter along with her son in law and grandson, moved to Utah to take on the position the medical practice. In south Jordan, Bonnie has three grandchildren in south Jordan, two grandsons, which is Saul Solomon and Atticus shout out shut. Advocates cool names, you guys cool names. Enjoy those cool names Solomon, the great Solomon and add. And their ages seven and three advocates. If you haven't read. The the the book. Oh, crap wise, my brain just got to kill a Mockingbird. Jess. Yeah. Atticus Finch great character in raid character absolutely in an eight month old granddaughter. What's her name? If you I call her cheeks McGee.

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