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Pete dallas sandro who's been endorsed by bernie sanders has twenty two percent favorable in ten percent unfavorable marks if nobody gets a majority of the democratic primary vote fifty nine percent say they could support any of the candidates if selected by convention i'm gary barrett a homeowner and four dogs escaped a house fire in west des moines this weekend covered in soot but otherwise unhurt personal i because you think about that somebody's home and everything that's in there and what are they thinking about jill reading is a neighbor speaking with who channel thirteen nine one one calls reported the fire saturday night about nine thirty in the twenty four hundred block of ridgewood drive flames were shooting thirty feet into the air the west of moines fire department said the woman and her dogs were found outside the house just after the roof collapsed neighbor's homes were evacuated just in case the fire spread but it didn't the nypd is investigating celebrity chef mario batali for sexual misconduct more from kristen dahlgren several women coming forward to cbs sixty minutes including one who alleges batali assaulted her in two thousand five after inviting her to a party at the spotted pig a restaurant he had invested in the accusing victim never filed a police report even though she went to the hospital for an examination batali has issued a statement saying he vehemently denies sexually assaulting her get breaking news and severe weather on facebook click like on the who radio facebook page it's eight oh five time per update on.

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