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And then for me to come home. Call my husband to be like you will not believe what Valentine has just told me. She heard in school today and be so upset and him be like okay. So are you ready to have the dock and I was like I? Guess so you know so that's like for me was very indicative of okay. This is a new space here and I need to be preparing my kids for the things that they may hear people may say to them and how they need to be not just armed and equipped with like what is the correct response but understanding why are people even saying? Like what is what does that even mean you know you tell your kids when you talk about how to explain to them why people would say such a thing like how do you start that conversation? I mean honestly, we really actually started with looking back just historically at like we looked at a map and I showed them maps over the ages about how California used to be part of Mexico, and then it became part of the United States and sort of like teaching men that things weren't always the way that they seem now. So they could understand a little bit of historical context and Talking a little bit I mean. Obviously everything is age appropriate but talking about like okay and then we put a border because people thought that the border made them safer. Here's this wall and so. People want to extend this wall or or quote unquote build a wall even though as you've seen a wall already exists to in fact. Yes. To walls to walls that exists order, which you know for people who think that it keeps them safer keeps you pull out it doesn't and so just sort of explaining to them like. So this is what this person meant. They wanted you basically to be on the other side in Mexico, but you're born in the United States. So there's no reason for that but and then talking a little bit about you know this is a way of he's probably heard it somewhere I mean a five year old doesn't kind of make this stuff up on their own. and so just explaining about having empathy for them and maybe like. That they may not have all the information and so but my kids do and so they don't need to. Feel any type of way about it because that statement is actually just like an untruth and so yeah. That's gotta just be so. Crushing it was I mean again I just I can't really think of a time where I was so. Just no words the only words I had were like. Grabbing my phone. call him up Jaren and just being like you will not believe and being so upset because you're just like I can't protect my kids from that and that's very hard to deal with when you think of all the things you try to dude like set your kids up for success and protect them and help.

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