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Care but do they never tested positive in this country and when the question was did you ever use performance enhancing drugs you can't even give a straight answer i can understand why the powers that be you know with the cubs might be like all right come on man like just just say is there a threshold for other former cubs do they have to do of be absolved of their sins before they're allowed back at the convention and yeah it's it's a good question because it's a tough it's a tough you know precedent to set but when you guys listen to that doesn't that just feel weird cringeworthy and the to watch it visually too you can see sammy squirming around and then the way he got his what did he say about my friend i thought he said you're not my friend he's my condescending way always says my friend to people who are looking to go after him but i i you know what if i was semi i would've said you know listen back then in philippines weren't are you know people take up i take creating did people take you know none of it was where where do you draw the line in terms of like i'm saying it i'm sandy at this point i've rehearsed all this i'm gonna talk your ear off and i'm gonna talk in a circle and make you actually punch yourself before you you end the interview i'm gonna handle it is twisted up like you can't even imagine but at the end of the day sammy just says yeah i took it does anyone actually care that's the road that he that that makes it easier for everything it's the doing a big sit down with jeremy shop and being on the cover sports illustrated and continually saying this that people start to get uncomfortable but you'd also again be copying to something that you never officially were pinched for anyway that's true yeah that's true listen i'm just i'm playing the role of defense attorney right now yeah maybe i'm just hoping it's like a long there's all kind of like a situation where we're stone cold glass shatters comes out from center field around applause throws out the first pitch of the world series because the cubs will be there at some point i would want to get to the point where i'd get jeremy shop to a contest to you that he was doing steroids right right right you make off writing stories about how great baseball before we let you go where's your worry meter on you darvish it's very high i saw that i saw that report that he didn't want to stay in la because he didn't want his kids to go to school their their last name starfish i the whole thing i don't want to pitch they send them home today he's going to be reevaluated 'cause he's is side session did not go well today yeah very worried by the way i have one last thing next week we did a mount rushmore with danny woodhead of undrafted nfl players nice certain someone might have made it all come on might have made it really did john randall made it yeah did make it with someone i might have picked i might have picked a certain someone before john take off and fly to new york and hug you she didn't pick me and then i won't talking about kurt warner great stuff fourth barstool the cat every thursday normally at four but because we've got carlos boozer in studio at for the can't win early today told you about the extent of the x one voice that you used it yes talk about making your life a whole lot easier.

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