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His state of the city address use radio WTEM J. there's gives you dining choices that no one else can give you we have all the colors and cleared easing carat weights of diamonds that come from diamond mines we have them in every shape at every price but when you see the size of the diamond you can afford when you look at high tech newborn created diamonds you're going to be a happy happy newborn created diamonds go with everything and they're spectacular we didn't become the largest diamond store in Wisconsin by accident we did it on purpose and we did it for you says every seventy triggering ever designed and our custom design department can modify any ringing in any way you choose our selection of engagement rings is beyond compare anyone who says they can give you a better ring or a better diamonds or a better price well they've obviously never been because we do diamonds better because diamonds are all we do welcome to Kessler's really Kessler's nearest you visit Kessler start start come Leo Tolstoy wrote happy families are all alike every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way this week on the Lutheran hour hour sermon series on the book of genesis draws to a close as guest speaker Dr dean Addis details how god is at work even in fun happy families that's this week on the Lutheran hour to Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ Hey Trevor DO es he's Colleen I'm Gerry McNamara.

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