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Papa and Lund and Tim Ryan's Bull Rush. Oh, my goodness. You talk about a tidal wave brush. Just put the 15 ft. Swell all over Mrs K nd are 104568, the sports leader second Here it is. They go. The Niners beat the Packers and NFC championship game 37 to 20. Nobody touched the ball on offense is going to be playing today. That's a crazy stat to think about so 285 yards against the backers in the NFC Championship game. How does a with all those pieces missing? How do they win? Tonight? Did well, you have a catch in that game. He did not. Ah, dammit! Harvey. I double checked that too, Because I saw this. Somebody saying Wait a minute. Was there a fumble that somebody recovered? Did McGlinchey jump on the rock? Someone fumble? Buckner. He's not here either. Recovered the Bulls Mostert calming grapple Samuel born Brita Kittel and even Ben Garland. The center which now ski I got Wish now Skip 1000 Geraldo. There's no question yes. Derek. I knew you'd find somebody. He dropped it from his saying to his foot, But he did touch the ball. Correct. Corrupt for all the point After is by Robbie goals, so he touched the ball to correct. So what was your quite I'm sorry, Johnny. Real simple without everybody missing. How do they win tonight? But obviously everybody's count amounts. How do they win? They got they got to get after that the line of scrimmage the identity of this football team. I mean, it's I know people don't want to hear it. That's a redundant answer, but it's the way it is. Especially when you talk about You know the flow of this game and complementary football and that's that's what this team is, and it's going to be even magnified more now. You cannot make mistakes. You better play clean in terms of the penalties and the ball security. Most importantly, Hope to get a couple on defense, which is going to be a challenge, because you know Aaron Rodgers does not turn it over. And they got three turnover. That's number one in the NFL, but I think when you put this team on tape, I think you can see that there are opportunities. If you control those things, and if you control the line of scrimmage, so hasty, tasty has got to go off. I think that you look at this run defense and they can be had the power game the league game blocking down on Dean Lowry in terms of their defense of ends, and and you know, Kingsley, Kiki, and anytime Adam's is out there, and they rotate those guys quite a bit in Lancaster, you, Khun! Get after him now, And I know Blake Martinez is gone, and he's in New York and The guy was a tackling machine, and I got a lot of respect for him by the way, but, you know, you talk to Packer fans, and they all say, Well, you got a million tackles. They were all down the field and well, they could use him now because there's gonna be a Inside linebacker and Chris Barnes, who's out there all the time. A rookie college free agent out of you. That's going to get a lot of plays run right in his grill in this game tonight, so I think they've got to be able to run it and then again, getting the third in shorts and let Mullins do its thing and protect him enough. There will be holes in the defense. As I said, they're very aggressive, and I know that they will question the armed strike the neck Mullins and try to jump those out routes. Anything outside the numbers, so if they can protect and you throw a couple double moves Nix Nix pretty damn good, And he's very capable of reading out the defense and throwing, throwing for big yards if you protect him, and then defensively, I'm gonna put it on the defense of tackles, man. I mean, You know you look at and when Armstead's inside that that is a match up, they've got their own and I don't know how the line up's going to be for the Packers today, Pop. What are you hearing on box? Tr ee Ah, I don't think he's playing. I just heard Wayne Larrabee. The voice of the Packers on was Andrew Siciliano on China first look, and he doesn't think he's gonna play. We're going to line up Billy Turner left tackle Rick Wagoner. That right tackles the way they'll go with their middle three. They usually have Jenkins, Lindsley and Patrick. Right. So, yeah, I think you can get after both of those guys on the edge and arms Dad, I think can overwhelm on the early downs in the play action stuff. Rick Rick Wagoner. In terms of just working counter moves back to the inside on him now, obviously. You got to do it quick, and you can't do it late and then Aaron Rodgers escapes and it's ah, six or seven seconds Scramble job. But when I put on the tape, and I think about this defense, and it all starts right in the middle in terms of the run defense Gut pressure on the quarterback, and there's a There's a lot of pressure in my opinion for Jovan Kinlaw to step up and and I know it's gonna be hard. It seems like when you watch the tape of times that he's hit, the wall and defensive linemen are on the ground and defensive linemen are getting doubled in You know, combo blocked on the backside into the linebackers and given up those those gaps of responsibility, So to me, it all starts with them. And if you could just extinguish any hope of a run game, what do you hear it on? Aaron Jones would learn of you say about that. He's saying that he's not playing. I thought he would. In light of, you know the covert outbreak with a J. Dylan and they're not gonna have Jamal Williams. So they're two running backs it so it sounds like Aaron Jones is not gonna play. They could bring other people up. They have Dexter Williams on the practice, but I think he'll come up. But if Aaron Jones can't go, then there to back, you gonna be child or urban se, No se state guy, and he's more of a jet sweeper, and he's been more receiver than running back. You watch and they run a lot of that 21 rocket where he's like the third wide receiver, totally So I know you were talking about Davante Adams before in the 40 Niners. Let's play their stuff. And I understand last week with decay because you couldn't really, you know, just all of a sudden tilt the field his way because you got Tyler Lockett to deal with in all their tight ends, and they got good tight ends here, John A good player and you mention Sternberg or scoring against the 40 Niners last year in the NFC title game, but clearly as far as the wide receiving corps The other guys are just guys right now. Davante Adams is truly special, and it's just beyond me. He's not that fast of a guy Tim. But man hey, gets on or off the lease a lot like Keenan Allen. I think the Chargers, so do you think maybe not start that way, but at some point Begin to top the coverage a little bit towards 17 0. I think you have to. I think he out of mix and match but you've got to protect yourself by tilting the coverage over there, and he's like a manual transmission. That guy in terms of how he's able to shift gears and downshift and really control the speed to time it up. In terms of the route with with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But you know the thing about him is they just move him around so damn much. I mean, I can see when he's three by one in and you tell to safety over that way. There's a lot of ways to get some double on him. You can buzz your your weak side linebacker under out to that acts, they call it cut acts, so you take away the underneath stuff with him. And then you gotta you gotta corner playing deep. I think it's press bail..

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