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And if you have the money to bribe the pakistani military at who feared you know you've got eight coupon cell phone number get it probably in a cell phones back then i think that i'm cheian probably meant maybe like a morse code um but you know if you know the right people and you have the money look you can get this technology but i also i think is important to point out that north korea did a lot of this indigenously as well so a lot of their research and again like i said they've been doing this for decades so a lot of their research facilities they got the tip that technical expertise and they got the equipment but they still had to do all this work so they trained there scientists as well so uh in the nineties again pakistani prime minister benazir bhutto they were exchange so pakistan supplied panyangela civilian nuclear technology in exchange for some longrange missiles for from north korea and one of the things as they also encourage north korean students to study at pakistani university is so the the the training of your scientists is actually one of the biggest things that you can do in terms of like proliferating nuclear technology is just teaching people how to do it themselves and north korea did a ton of that and just to kind of remind people like more talking about the timeline again like i said they were doing this early 1950s but their first successful nuclear test was just in two thousand six right so just from then to now they had like a dramatic sudden increase in their capabilities but you'd they've been working on this for a long time would've he's a really important point in part because it underlines something about this that is often lost donald trump to so many bad stupid things it's easy to just assume anything is a problem the world's booth on trump did a bad stupid thing that is both untrue and unfair this particular case bill clinton negotiated with north korea that did not work george w bush negotiate with north korea that did not work brock obama tried to have some engagement north korea that did not work and so it is really important for us i think to.

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