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Hops with the bunny jumps but first this news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine herbs president trump says he is considering issuing a two week quarantine to prevent people from leaving New York New Jersey and Connecticut as NPR's Scott Detrow reports New York metro area has become the epicenter of the country's coronavirus crisis more than seven hundred people in New York and now died from covert nineteen president trump says he's now considering a drastic step of quarantine order intended to keep people from leaving the states most affected and spreading the virus elsewhere this is not applied to people such as truckers from outside the New York area who are making deliveries or simply transiting through it won't affect trade in any way the White House has not provided any details on what the quarantine border it would be and both New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey governor Phil Murphy said Saturday they had heard nothing yet about the proposal from the White House Scott dentro NPR news Washington and Detroit Chicago Los Angeles and New Orleans are also hot spots for the virus the number of coronavirus cases in the crescent city has grown exponentially in the last few days Dr Roland Varga Spock the third is the medical director for New Orleans east Jefferson General Hospital he says every day is a struggle in the last week we have seen more and more critical patients with the disease as a result more and more efficient so the hospital today were even reaching the break where running out past the at our hospital to be able to admit patients out of armored seats at a hospital the World Health Organization says the corona virus seems to spread through close contact with infected people and it doesn't seem to linger in the air but as NPR's Nell Greenfieldboyce reports there is some uncertainty the World Health Organization says it looks like the virus is transmitted through the kind of droplets of mucus or saliva created by coughing and sneezing these droplets don't travel more than about three feet and land on nearby people or surfaces the W. H. O. says medical workers should take precautions against this kind of spread and that the most protective masks are only needed when inserting breathing tubes or doing other invasive procedures that might make the virus become airborne and processed in the air the centers for disease control and prevention however recommends the most protective masks for all medical care of patients with covert nineteen that's because the CDC says it's still unclear exactly how the virus spreads over short distances no Greenfieldboyce NPR news a powerful tornado hit Jonesborough Arkansas this afternoon local media is reporting damage to homes and businesses and video posted to social media show several overturned vehicles there is no word yet on any injuries you're listening to NPR news from Washington live from KQED news on guy Mars a radi governor Gavin Newsom is.

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