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Got a lot of great players here. So for me, the main focus like I said is this control and what I can do every day, regardless of who you're playing with a lot of skill at high still in players, and you never know where the chips are gonna fall. So just keep improving and we'll see what happens next week. And this lineup is is not set in stone by Joel staffed by any means right now, though. You know, they probably prefer to get everyone in sync for these last two wards, regardless we do know that lines do change over the course of the season with Joel Troy, how capable do you feel Brandon is of rebounding this year? Even if he has a little less Dr power surrounding hit with who's playing. Nothing's Pennsylvania's as you mentioned what Joel Quenneville. Yes. Would you like to have some set combinations? That you're going to use all the time, absolutely. But the Blackhawks have had that and they didn't have it last year and they're still looking for the right combination and training camp. Anisimov was the guy that didn't seem like he excelled in a positional third-line center position away from Patrick Kane. His best games that he's played with the Blackhawks have been with Patrick Kane compliments really well understands the game extremely well. Plan was prettier and Patrick Kane. And and you know, he finds that. The comfort zone by going to the front of the net. And then doing what he needs to do defensively for Brandon Saad. I don't know where he's pencil then they're still looking for those combination moves up to do a second line position. You're not gonna have Nick schmaltz playing on the third line. So you have to find wingers that go along it for Brandon Saad right now. It's been a slow progression here in training camp. He has stood out Trump playing with Jonathan page flavor. Patrick Kane play the fact. And Joel crendall looking for some combination then by moving Brandon Saad down if you can find the right combinations ahead of that gives the Blackhawks some real good depth. So there's a lot of positives in that there's some negatives in that as well because you'll friend Bill would rather see Brandon Saad excel in a top two lines six top six four position. But if you find some other guys have chemistry founded rhythm with some of the other top players, then have that luxury of moving Brandon Saad talented something. Girlfriend is working what you're going to be looking at. It's not something that he relishes in having that situation like things to be a little bit more cut and dried, but at the same time, you don't go with the players in the players that have chemistry and hope that that works for you. Don't see that in all kinds of options. Bramshaw still could end up on the top line week looking for guys complement each other as well. Thanks, a bunch record the call with you and Jon coming up at the bottom of the hour. Blackhawks hockey.

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