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O P News one of 3.5 FM. It's 9 28. Traffic and weather on the AIDS. Jo Conway in the W T o p traffic Center. Well, Kyle, it is still complicated in Virginia will start on the 95 quart or your crashes North bound north of Quantico. Before you get too triangle, the rollover crash. Apparently everything on the left side into the grass between the main lines in the EZ Pass lanes you were getting by staying to the right. Can't tell exactly how many lanes are blocked in the camera shot, But we do see traffic moving. Staying to the far right to get by. It appears to me only single fire, right is getting you buy at Point, maybe two lanes to the right. Nonetheless, you're in a back up north and 85 leaving Quantico heading toward triangle and stay to the right. Easy pass lanes are available from no bound travelers. If they wish to pay longstanding crashed on I 66 is westbound, leaving 1 23 heading toward route 50 Fair Oaks. We see that one in camera as well. Single file right gets by. You're squeezing by to the right with a delay that begins before 1 23 stick with it. Stay to the right If you choose to bail, go south on 1, 23 and fall of 50 west to rejoin 66 westbound. But if you stick with the 66 quarter or you'll lose some time, but you're able to do so staying to the right to get by. It's going to Maryland talk about the Beltway moving well, at last report to 70. Nothing complicated there. They went out to look for a crash on route 29, the Columbia Pike that taking traffic both ways just to the north of 6 50 New Hampshire Avenue near Stuart Layne bases in lingering units there on the scene of that crash had an earlier crash tonight. 95 North bound north of the Beltway north as you head toward Oxen Cove. That crash has been cleared. Still clearing are still dealing with the crash and the remnants of it along Carol Avenue to come apart between Merrimack Drive and University Boulevard that crashed down the utility pulling some wires. Cruz is still there to direct. I'm Jo Conway wtsp traffic, not a storm Team four and Samara Theodore Cold Night ahead of us says temperatures drop into the twenties and thirties. It's been a bit breezy for Saturday,.

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