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A study of donations during the summer found first time donors increased from eleven to seventeen percent after anybody testing was offered. And finally, our Mary Sherman tells us the shift to virtual and blended learning to reduce the spread of covid. Nineteen could have an unintended consequence for kids vision chief eyecare officer with United Healthcare Dr Scott. Edmonds explains the increase screen time raises the risk of digital ice train impossible retinal damage from high energy blue light. He says looking at a screen closer than thirty inches away also can cause vision problems including nearsightedness. Suggests following what's known as the twenty twenty twenty rule, twenty minutes. You need to look at an object, twenty feet away or further for twenty seconds that not only cuts the exposure to all the blue light. It also gives the muscles in the eye, but rest from sustained contraction just twenty seconds says all you really need, and then they can go back to their digital devices about forty-one percent of Americans are affected by nearsightedness compared to twenty five percent back in nineteen seventy. This is Mike Clifford. Thank you for wrapping up your week with public. News Service member enlisted support her great radio stations across the nation and online at public new service DOT ORG. But if we are to be prepared for it, we must burs shed our fear of it. Without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lies behind me. I remember the one hundred years, we have these machines. And after a century. I remember that. We are. Still. Make them remember. Your. If you. To. On declare your independence me or in the snack we have we are now in Bangor Maine, and we're trying to get a very Kirwin on.

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