W. T. B. O., Katrina, OPD discussed on Orlando's Evening News


Your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to work on time read grant news ninety six point five W. T. B. O. all right Katrina there you go both do not have a right the wall down the middle of the highway they don't have it both ways the wars to allow him to do it five things all day the folks you have no right to be there to begin with that's owned and that's who we have our date the folks there are protests and riots they need to get out of the street the rest of us carry out our business and that was the point I was trying to make Sir thank you Sir you don't have the rights to drive on a nice free traffic free highway but the protesters also don't have any written down right to be on the road so so kind of don't don't don't be so you said we don't have the right to drive on a high on the on the highway we don't we don't have the right to drive a highway with no traffic all right with with no obstruction I mean there's there's going to be traffic but at the same time the protesters don't have a right to be walking on the highway as well so don't so just don't don't act like my rights are being infringed by you walking like no you don't have the right to have a free and flowing highway no I think you do I think you do have the right to not have people walking on the highway so can I no no no but the question is if there's an act yeah it might not be a free flowing highway because there's a lot of people driving on it but everybody that's driving on it has the right to be driving up right so in agreement with that listener the problem is with OPD who's who's blocking off the road because of the protesters that's where your problem lies I mean that's why you can't drive on the roads because PD is putting up barriers for the protesters yeah it really depends on you know how you want to look at it or which side you want to look at it from because if they didn't put up the barriers to protect the protesters then you might have people running into the crowd one of even worse one of at least one of these disgruntled drivers get manages to successfully sue OPD for blocking off the road I can't wait to see you as for before making my commute sake for having construction all over the all over the place I was just going to say how many people tried to sue because they got a flat tire or dented over him or you know some jamming.

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