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Nation's eight hundred thousand dreamers who came here as children while deportations of their families continue. And while they harangued Pelosi with questions it was clear. They would not dare to hear her answer. No you. A second piece, and there was no winning them over and it's beautiful to our ears to hear your protection. We are sending a message or parents at this will be one with eleven million people in the streets documented documented at majoria hit up. People are. Please. Exasperated straighted Pelosi finally left founders for action. The fact is arguing against the dream. Directing their anger at. That's so great. I mean, there's so much there to talk about because first of all it is priceless that happened to Nancy Pelosi. It's fantastic that that happened to Nancy Pelosi because they know full well, she's not doing anything for them. But. The entitlement the entitlement mentality. These kids where you're here illegally, and you're busting in on press conferences like this making demands screaming for forty five minutes. Demand speaker of the house. I mean, this do you think you are what do you mean? You're going to be in the streets with eleven million. Okay. Well, then we should have ice waiting for you to rested deport you all. I can't believe it nation on edge from all directions. Yep. ESCD all directions. It's it's just descending indicate us. And how did that end after forty minutes? She leave the left. I'm with you. We're the cops where's the cops and she should nine LEGO legal. Here's illegal. Okay. We'll where's ice bring ice in here and make a mass arrest and deportation. Good. Thank you for showing up all in one place. You've made this a lot easier. Just back up the paddy wagon never happened. See you later kids by by. Thanks for coming. Unbelievable. The entitlement that demands. Can you imagine the other way around Americans in Mexico City yelling and screaming in their legislative body about the rights? We're demanding in Mexico. Are you kidding me? You would be arrested and deported or arrested and rot in some Mexican jail somewhere. This is the only country in the world the puts up with this. I don't understand why we do it. But we do triple eight triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. Let me tell you about Cosmo hurts kids campaign, which was launched by Victoria, Hearst, which is really interesting because she's taking on her own family's company, the Hearst corporation, publishes, cosmopolitan magazine. And it's just that Victoria believes that.

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