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Tell us about what you're going to be doing this year. It's it's exciting for you. It's really exciting. I've done a lot with baseball. But I've never hosted a pre and post game show throughout the course of the season. I've mostly been a beat reporter travelling being at the ballpark on the field. So I'm really excited to be hosting giants. Pre and post game was great guys. I mean, Tim Flannery richer, really Shawn ESTES, Bill Laskey. I mean, I had the best group of guys and a great organization to you can't pick a better one in the giants. Yeah. You know? I do it. This is what I do. You know? On the weekend. This is what I do. And I always people always say, well, what are you gonna talk about today? And I always say that days game tells the story it does. And I feel like I grew up with baseball my dad's a baseball coach. So I have an appreciation for the game that I think a lot of people don't and there's always something to talk about it is a long season. Yes. One hundred sixty games. Right. And you get to kind of turn the page. It's not quite like every game matters depending on the time of year. Of course. But baseball is is a beautiful game. There's a lot of interest Kosice to the game and decision making when it comes to coaching managers a lot of people don't realize, so I appreciate it. I love it. I love being in the ballpark of the smell the ballpark ballpark food. I'm right at home. I'm really happy back covering baseball. Because it's something I haven't really done much since coming to San Francisco. But it's something I've done a lot throughout my career. Well in the mardi Larry drinking game every time. You say it's a long season take a drink. Okay. I can do that. I can keep up with your shirt. Let's do it. The other one is he can hit. That's my other one page and the drink of choice for you is I'll take a nice vodka sometime. Okay. Okay. I'm coming in the bourbon stuff now. So good Manhattan straight up. I like it. Kelly Johnson joins us. This is going to be a lot of fun going through the season with her and your background. They always say people who do the jobs we do have to have a lot of passion for baseball. You can't fake it in this job. Tell us your background. So again, I grew up on a baseball field with my father. I was literally taking grounders and and BP from the time I could walk. I mean, my littlest pictures have me with the old Seattle mariner pitchfork hard helmets. I had a blue glove. I played shortstop like my dad. So I grew up around the game. And then in terms of my background right out of the gate. I got involved with the Astros and is down in Austin, Texas. And then I went to Saint Louis and the Carlson, my favorite team growing up Ozzie Smith, love them, all time favorite athlete. So I got to cover the. Carlos for three years, I traveled with them. I was in San Francisco for that. Two when they lost. And of course, Barry Bonds. The giants went on to lose the angels in the World Series. And then from there I went to DC and Baltimore Orioles beat reporter, I became the Redskins in Washington nationals went back to Houston did stuff with the Astros again. And now, I'm here. So I have been a beat reporter at multiple stops. But I've never done cactus league. I've always ungrateful lakes. I'm kind of excited to be an Arizona this time. Boy, what a what a difference being here. Of course, you only have to go a half hour to go to a game here then down there you go two and a half hours, no proximity. And I was with the nationals when they were in beer, Florida way, north like space coast near NASA. And it made no sense. It was windy. It was miserable. There was nothing there. There's no good food. So there's food all around you here, you have plenty of options and Scottsdale. So yeah, it's so much different than out there in Florida. So what do you think about the team you've been here for a few days? I know we have any games yet. And of course, it's the weekend. The first weekend in baseball here coming up. Well, what's your feeling about the giants? Just over the winter and everything that you expect. You know? I mean, they they certainly are a team that no one likes to use the word rebuild reboot. Whatever you wanna stay with four hundred eighty on board. They are headed in new direction. I think it's good. I'm still old school baseball. So I think there's some middle ground between sabermetrics lyrics, and what you see and your gut in your eye test. Just good baseball. So you know, this is a team. Honestly, they've added a lot of older veterans. We thought they were going to get younger right more athletic. They certainly got more versatile with some of these guys playing multiple physicians. We'll see who actually makes it out of spring training law. These guys are a minor league deals. It didn't win the big one. You know, Bryce Harper still waiting on that, but we knew from a financial standpoint with this roster and some of the big contracts that they frankly are going to have to get rid of at some point if they can. Zaidi's got his work cut out for him. But it's still a twenty you look at the roster, and you look at some of the names, and you're like, well, it can't be. I mean are they had two straight losing seasons? But they can't be that bad. Right. I mean, you hope the BUSTER Posey's hip is writing any feels great and Jeff's Amarjit can get back to being the work horse in Madison. Bumgarner can avoid some crazy freak injury again. Because injuries obviously really wrecked havoc on this team the last couple of years, but you know, I I hope that they can be competitive, and I hoped it on a nightly basis, you know, we can have some fun baseball than talk about obviously with the dodgers and their payroll and their talent and their starting pitching staff and everything that they have over there. It's going be tough to ten in the division. But you know, I think they're headed in a good direction. I think there are sad to see. This is Bruce Bochy last season. I'm I feel really blessed to be able to cover this team and do the pre and post game show in his last year. Because he's he's a true. He's a legend. But he's at old school baseball type that I love. Yeah. Kelly Johnston with this fans who are going to hear a lot of Kelly as we go through the season. The thing about bocce the reaction of the players. It's been interesting for me this whole week. It's almost like let's win one for the gipper in a way, which is nice because it's a positive development in giants baseball, and we're looking for positive things as we go into the season that that may be one is added motivation. Jeff smart just said yesterday, he said, you know, there has to be some emotion to the game. And there's always you always get up for playing and all that. But it, but it's great to have an added emotional element to the season, and that can go a long ways this team. You know, they love responding to fan base loves the game of baseball Utah. I talked to general managers and managers yesterday. And you know, it's going to be hard to see the game without Bruce coaching. We know he's not going to be he's going to be around. He's already, you know, talking about, oh, I'm not going to be gone, but not managing obviously for the for the orange and black. So I do think that these guys are going to rally around. I do hope that somehow they can find some metal potion. You know and have kind of a fun run to send him out the right way. But you know, it's it's a long season too, though. So right. It's easy to talk about it right now, it's running training. But you know, you get to game one forty. We'll see where they're at. Manhattan. There we go see I'll have a Manhattan tonight. I'll get on that right away. Hey, your favorite player growing up all time favorite player athlete of any sport. And I and I played college basketball. But it's Ozzie Smith. Shortstop my mom is a gymnastics coach I was a gymnast until I got too big for everything. So naturally, I was drawn to as a kid and Whitey ball and Saint Louis cardinals team with Vince Coleman and William and g and John Tudor house at KENDALL. I love that team. So I was really fortunate to be in Saint Louis when Ozzy wanted all fame, and so I got a lot to him. I got to interview. Stan Musial Brock and Bob Gibson and all the legends city is a great baseball town and their legends are always around. So. Yeah. Ozzie Smith is never one when it comes to baseball. Gary Payton has never won. When it comes to basketball. Got my Oakland guy in there too. Great. I'm really glad we did this. Now, this is fun too. So everyone can hear your background. And you've got the passion. Wonderful very good Kelly. Thanks so much. Thank you so much. You're legend nine just feel blessed sitting next to you. Thanks for having me just the kid from Brooklyn talking baseball. And that's it more coming up came six eighty the sports leader good..

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