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Are taking across the mountains it's the perfect time to do so the roadways are mostly bare and we have no tire restrictions at Snoqualmie or Stevens pass our next come traffic at ten fourteen lot of sunshine throughout Puget Sound area in your sock in by the fog it's chilly though it's thirty five right now and can't thirty six in Seattle we anticipate it will be dry maybe a couple showers this afternoon tomorrow afternoon sunshine highs in the mid forties we stay cloudy on Thursday chance of rain on Friday thirty six in Seattle and ten oh five stay connected stay informed como mid day good morning it for Tom Hudler this Christmas Eve on Charlie harder with a look at today's top local stories it went from rumor to reality in barely a day Marshawn Lynch will return to play for the Seahawks at least for a game or two goals core when he cast me update when running back Chris Carson went down with a season ending injury Sunday a Seattle times columnist wrote why not bring back beast mode the idea of re signing the man whose aggressive running style and unique personality defined to the Super Bowl era Seahawks quickly zoomed from a notion to an official visit to the return of number twenty four all in the space of twenty four hours fans are pumped it is exciting and you know just to have him back you can go to this you will find that's a lot of expectation to pile on Lynch who after all hasn't played a down in over a year this fan for one is keeping it real I like to think I could do things that I used to do anymore along with Marshall on the hawks are filling out their depleted backfield with another former sea hawk Robert Turbin.

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