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Complications on 3 95 or 6 25. Between the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers had an earlier stall eastbound on 6 25 after the 3 95 tunnel on the right. I'm Jo Conway wtp traffic, not a storm team for meteorologist Matt Ritter. Cold start to the New year in school estate Chilly today with cloudy skies, light rain will be arriving by mid day It's gonna start office, some sleeping some freezing rain in the far western and northern suburbs along the US 15 corridor and points to the West. There's a winter weather advisory that will start a 10 A.m. and last until 1 a.m. tomorrow. Some fog with wet weather temperatures will be steady in the low to mid thirties, then overnight tonight as a warm front starts to move through the area. Cloudy skies, Rain will be tapering to scattered showers in temperatures. We study or slowly rising into the forties. Then tomorrow Saturday during the day if you spot the leftover showers, some sunshine through the clouds and much milder high should be in the upper fifties to low sixties then Sunday, clouded with periods of rain and much cooler highs will be in the low to mid forties in clouds on Monday, mid forties, so low fifties I'm star Team four. Meteorologist Matt Better, just a little bit of light rain your land over right now. It's 35 degrees at Dulles, 37 at Reagan National and 35 be Wi Marshall. This'll is w t O p Your resource for today's top news, traffic and weather, always connected and constantly updated. W T O p never miss a moment. Tell you t o p is top news is brought to you by van Meter homes. Find a home. That's right for you at Van Meter Homes calm. Good morning. I'm John Aaron. John Doman is our producer coming up. Mostly subdued greetings for a new year, along with relief that 20 twenties gone. Vice President. Pence wants out of the lawsuit seeking to overturn the election..

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