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Of the Hawk Netto Ah ho by slaving and into Luzon Ho! He has to go back to his blue line and get the puck. You'll lead the rescue center ice over the hotline. Feather Right circle. Trocheck centers picked up. I can't Here come the Hawks the other way. Three on two. Led by the brink it over the hurricane line. Right wing. The keep high slot sites. That's a check moves down. Fares on the blockers save made by Lincoln in camp recovers the puck against the far boards. Had it kicked out by slave and American took it away. Here's the brink it, leaving it at the line to Keith. He will fling it down to the brink. It left wing corner with 10 headed up the slot for cane. Mr. Flex Away. The Hurricanes have five seconds on the attack. Hold with the hotline. Left wing should blanket and down with the butterfly, saving a diving play by Duncan teeth at the last second of pump checked the puck down nice and harmlessly out of the way. Wolf draw breath over time ends with the sides still tied up with three shots on goal for the game, 41 for the Hurricanes and 33 for the Hawks, and now we'll head to the shoot out again. 5 to 3 shots and over time and We go to the shoot out Kevin Lincoln and was beaten by a great move. Matt do Shane of the national Predators, and that was the on Lee goal that he gave up in that loss to the Nashville Predators in the shootout. Tenors will switch ends again here, Lincoln, it will be down to our right. Three shooters for the Blackhawks. No results. In the three shots. Patrick Kane. But the first one But it can't take the second one. Who believe took the first one. Yeah, I took the first one cane. And then you and Mark who had a strong game in that one and Jeremy Colton was going with the hunch there that he had the hot stick. We'll see what happens here..

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