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That'll be my pick right now by could pick anybody and i'll probably regret that in. It'll be mack jones but you need them to start week to in order to win. Oh definitely like has to start week to but he could not play at all week one and i still. You could still win defensive rookie of the year. I don't know why i just have. Maybe you can. You can help me with this. If i'm just like crazy like is c. Horn going to be awesome. I think i think he's going to. I kinda think he's going to get worse by corey davis this weekend. Yeah really well. That's really interesting. Have you gotta get to the power eighty minutes now. Because i want to know if you're gonna take the jets on the money line and that that was kind of my defensive rookie of the year. Because i think you could go in fifty. Different directions was that was that enough predictions. Oh i did division so. Afc pretty chunky. buffalo cleveland. Bow with baltimore having the injuries tennessee and kansas city philly. Winning the nfc east green bay. So that's your official prediction philly to win the division one. I do that. That's like what. Vince mcmahon would call grapefruits. I mean to be honest like you. Could you could say any of the four teams and like everyone listening would have to at least be like okay. I agree with that. No i mean. I don't know if i can make good giants case but i would not immediately shout down the person who was making the giants jason garrett results if it was like of detroit in the nfc north. Yeah i'm gonna shut you down on that one that would stuff green bay in the north tampa bay in the south. And then i went san francisco in the west. Even though i i wanted to write down arizona but i don't think they're the most likely to do. I wanted to write down seattle. Actually but i just don't think they can get there with the cars are not the rams. Can i write that one. Yeah so san francisco becomes the bet there. I also have tampa winning the super bowl. That doesn't get over surprised. Anyone saying that for a long time here. I also think it's going to be a bucks cheap so you better. You bet your home for talk mvp. How's it not going to be. Tom brady but everyone knows the to is my long shot. Play for mvp. Maybe i should have waited until after week. One when he's going to get absolutely railroaded by the patriots. Here get get a better number onto. He's got no choice. Josh we puts his puts his helmet into to his ribcage into it. A live through this game and then the full or back and get that can go from their defensive rookie of the year. Jason davis of washington. I think he's going to be awesome. That defense is going to be awesome. Love chase young. Obviously defensive player of the year. I got bucks niners and chiefs bills in the respective championship games. Yeah i just. I couldn't i couldn't pick a non chiefs team. I was trying to think about how i would do that. And i just that would be the conference..

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