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The move would transform the nation's energy industry and infrastructure and also shows how President Biden is determined to reshape the American economy and cut down Cut down on greenhouse gases despite staunch opposition energies Secretary Jennifer Granholm says new study finds the rapid change is possible while it's expected to eventually create 1.5 million jobs. That projection is based on proposed investments to 51. A major earthquake has killed at least one person in Mexico. The 7.1 magnitude quake was center just outside the Pacific resort city of Acapulco. It was felt 200 miles away in Mexico. City where buildings were swaying from the jolt. No early reports of widespread damage, though there are reports of power and phone outages affecting more than a million customers. The long awaited fraud trial of a once high flying Silicon Valley figures underway. Elizabeth Holmes is accused of cheating investors and patients after claiming the blood test made by her startup company, Theranos could detect a wide range of medical conditions with just a few drops. It couldn't she's pleaded not guilty. Attorneys for Elizabeth Holmes are likely to argue that she had a good faith belief in her company's claims and did not intentionally deceive investors, Doctors and patients homes and her ex boyfriend and former Theranos president Sonny Bill, one er, accused of lying to investors and the public by claiming the company small blood testing device could accurately perform a wide range of blood tests, and CBS consumer investigative correspondent Anna Werner knew this afternoon in South Florida Several people suspected of stealing the identities of victims who died in the condo building collapse in Surfside are under arrest. The Miami Dade State attorney's office will hold a news conference detailing this investigation. A little later this afternoon, the Champlain Towers south oceanfront building collapsed in the early morning hours of June 24th it killed 98 people. Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the 40 year old building to collapse. After initial warnings about serious structural flaws years ago, up next in money News, D. C. Gets a first of its kind. Whole foods. I'm Jeff Global 2 53. When building developing and scaling applications, it's important to have a fully managed trusted enterprise communities distribution. Hi. I'm Paul Smith from Redhead, a trusted partner for government agencies jointly engineered, managed and supported by Microsoft and redhead as your.

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