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Bet online were the game starts. A really short story is I actually didn't come to UNM to play football. I came to play baseball. No, kidding. A traumatic thing happened and I'm writing a book on this now, but a traumatic thing happened as a student athlete, my first year in college and 74 was the first year of the CWA allowed freshmen to play on the barstool level. So after varsity level gain, they brought me up like coupe said I ended up making all conference. First freshman ever do it. Exciting athletic first year. Go home winter break. I see I make all conference, excited three days later. I get my grades from you and him. My first semester has a freshman in college. 0.6 GPA. Wow. Oh yeah. And I do this talk when I go speak to young students and student athletes. And I called it invest in yourself. I really didn't invest in myself. I was so intertwined in the success of football that academics got away. And it wasn't that I could handle it. I saw this safe to say 'cause it's the same thing I use the kids except my next step happened as a freshman in college. I went to your junior college. Is it safe to say that you were an athlete student instead of a student athlete? Yeah, I can agree with that. I think we attempted at the even pendulum, but time some things overcome our abilities to apply ourselves appropriately. And that word is really key because I can't remember studying. I can remember reading. I can remember preparing for the exams. But it's tough I found out when the exams came and you had to recall all that stuff you actually went through because the headphones were on while you were doing it and you know when you're listening to steely Dan steely Nick, Stevie Nicks and Stevie Wonder and all them. You know, this became dominant. And then I said, man, are you white or black? What were you listening to that? What about Franklin? And the case if you wonder hey, us that Stevie Wonder? Yeah..

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