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And the the kia and i know that finally there is accurate reporting not only of the numbers but of the identity of the vast majority i think five out of six of those killed were hamas what's the significance of this and and the the media did not wait jonathan that just took the hamas propaganda and put it out as fact good evening to you good evening yeah the the numbers according to solve sparta wheel who's a senior hamas representative went on tv recently a noted that that's fifty out of the sixty two killed were actually members of hamas operatives or perhaps even fighters belonging to hamas and the hamas leader seemed to be bragging about it it was an interesting thing that it was happening even as the media attention continue to fester and turn against the israelis and there may be an interesting reason for that and that is that hamas was apparently taking some heat within the gaza strip that they were calling upon gazans to go to the to the border fence and to throw themselves at the israelis and medicaid become gravely injured or even killed and this may have been an effort for hamas to try to own some of this to clean some of the debtor in fact many of the debt is their own to try to save face among the guys and people so right as this sort of peak of criticism against the israelis is is i mean it's really reaching a boiling point it almost appears that hamas has helped israel from a public relations perspective a bit late in the game but it certainly done so nonetheless and it is a fact that was established earlier but did not have the sense of gravitas i think that it has now when they see that fifty to sixty of those killed on the day that the world you know jumped on israel without knowing that the the way that this was has been organized as as a systematic attempt to break through the fence and the border and carry out as they himself said terrorist attacks against israeli civilians and and actually you know i was just in israel three days ago and talking to senior officials in their defense and intelligence establishments and.

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