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Because there's no incentive for anyone to because the media is not about the truth. It's about protecting the gig. Right. That's the most important thing. The truth gets lost all this because popularity is the coin of the realm, and no one wants to do anything that's unpopular because you might get fired. Especially in a case like this. So John tell me what you think is going to happen. We are you are you claiming that this story is absolutely not true. And the police are going to come out with. It's not true. This was not a hate crime. This is one of these things. I think they had to pick a lane. And I also think there's gonna be a lot of pushback politically. And so I still think this may end up going down the memory hole now the people close to this day. No. And interestingly, they say Ron Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago was going to be the one who forces this thing to get solved because he apparently I'm told secondhand, but ri- he is passed and that, and I think that they were they were willing to let this go down the memory hole until he went on good Morning, America. And they decided all right let let's unleash the dogs. And I think that I so in the real world this story is going down whether or not anything happens to him. I, you know, I am a cynic. So I I will reserve judgment on that. When do you expect to hear more? Well, I mean, they they have forty eight hours from last night to charge the two guys that they're they're currently questioning. So I think we'll know a lot more within that forty eight hour time is about another thirty six hours or so can we get you back on the air on Monday. I'd love to hear it update. Let let's do it. Okay. John ziegler. Thanks, so much Zygmunt Freud Z I G man Freud is where you can follow him. Also, he writes for media, John.

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