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Okay or i'll do it from mexico and we'll send you to always be in and has many straight talk as ross catherine versus humanly possible whenever we'll be in as well okay go right now to book cameo dot com slash s t w are you can get a personalized message from us and it's not even that expensive so do it it'll be fun you'll have it forever you're welcome dumb cameo dot com steve w r dip dumps now back to straight talk with ross mathews if you listen lap speaker stumping he had a song in my head do you remember this oh my gosh this could duck duck duck but say new now i thought i remember thinking nobody's going to care about this like ross what do you even remember as i was telling you guys have that dead look in your i don't want you got that job nicky i was i thinking nobody cares and then somebody then then the and even he says ross hello roc tweeden meal never guess what my local guess what my local jazz bar played tonight i'm dying here's a video listen is the internet here to know listen why isn't playing i laughed at this for days by the way he wasn't playing at no we gotta get a point when it be played right them when i said that play mother saris unsolved mystery why can't it play why wouldn't it play is not playing anything either in computer.

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