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We died in in talk a little bit about something you rarely hear on our show in man is a potent syndication you're gonna hear a great ragstoriches story if you will as the old saying goes and i think you'll like it also i am happy to narrates something very rare or yes very rare we have had unions well maybe not exactly zillions put point you unleash quite a few people in companies a creatures over the years and twos ansari the show airing we have said no drew quite a few of them because we didn't thinking with our message but we do think this company is set in that year's renter's warehouse i had the pleasure of speaking on a panel last year wish there challender and we met in phoenix with a bunch of their team members last year knittle white garment a working relationship off the ground they will working on some of their technology and expanding into some other markets and we will just busy doing other things but we are willing conforto working which has company cold renters warehouse their own award winning on property management company those sugars thing over through key salaries industrials nationwide video or a morning shower rated property manager they deliver in showbiz and transparency gray have a centralised model and a local staff in several markets are that provides trustworthy support across many markets now leo nearly every single market did we rihan or every single market we banned him but they are in many of the major mortgage so for example reviewing property owns a chicago and you're in you live in new york or california or washington state or wherever you control rest assured that they're going to take good care you chicago property or plan for the in any of the other markets they track all aspects of your property and they nickel try and.

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