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I check the Miguel Rushbaugh and net dot US. Okay. So the FBI report was delivered. Chuck Grassley Grassley said, hey, there's nothing new witness everything in this. We knew which was imminently predictable. They still have the FBI was unable to corroborate anything. Any of the witnesses have said, folks. Any of the allegations that witnesses have may they haven't been able to corroborate ballsy Ford's testimony. They weren't able to corroborate Ramirez they weren't able to corroborate sweat, Nick. They weren't able to corroborate. This is now the seventh FBI investigation into Brad Kavanagh the left is out there. But they didn't talk to Doug. You're forty and they didn't talk to Kevin. That's right. That's that's not part of the deal. They testified under oath. What more can the FBI or do you think the F B I really thinks that these people don't change their stories from what they've testified to under oath. Besides that Dr Ford's testimony changed anyway in terms of the time line. The reason the FBI didn't talk to Ford or cavenaugh is Steve talked to cavenaugh for how many times over how many years. But they testified under oath. And so the the thinking is no reason to talk to them you go out and talk to people they claim can corroborate what they're saying the FBI couldn't find any. So I'm watching CNN to see it at FOX on it here. And it was probably ten minutes ago. Ten minutes for the program started and I began to. Get the impression that the Democrats think they've lost because a little CNN reporter all he looks little to me. He was describing Jeff flake Jeff flake said this is very thorough. This is this this investigations, very very satisfying to me. And the CNN reporter said Jeff flake today actually sounded like a Republican. And that presents a problem. Jeff flake is sounding like a Republican last Friday. He sounded like a democrat. But today he sounding like a Republican any went to Susan Collins. Susan Collins has hey, you know, I look at this. I'm very satisfied. This is a very thorough report and investigation. So it looks like flake and Collins are in line vote has been called cloture vote was filed last night by by the turtle who was on fire again today just moments ago on the floor of the Senate out for him. He was on fire. And we have the audio soundbites of this coming up. I'm still waiting for James Comey. Has anybody heard from James call me praising the FBI on their investigation here? You know, another way we know this is over. Trump Russia collusion. News is back. Yeah. Yesterday. Yesterday. There was some other story that surface Donald Trump's tax return. Trump's tax returns that told me that the drive bys thought they were near the end of their abilities on on on Kevin. But apparently is distorting John Solomon. Collusion. Bombshell. Democrat National Committee lawyers met with the FBI on Russia allegations before the surveillance warrant on Carter page. Congressional investigators have confirmed that a top F B I official met with democrat party lawyers to talk about allegations of Donald Trump Russia collusion weeks before the two thousand sixteen election and before the bureau secured the famous FIS a search warrant targeting Carter page former FBI general counsel James Baker met during the two thousand sixteen campaign with at least one lawyer from Perkins Calway, the Democrat National Committee is private law firm. This is the firm that provided the cutout to pay Christopher Steele for the steel Trump dossier. So now, we've got confirmation that the Democrat National Committee lawyers were in on this smear of Trump. By talking with FBI officials as they hot or hatched their plan to go get a Faisal warrant just surveilled Carter page, and thus surveilling Carter page means surveilling, the Trump campaign, Catherine Herridge at Fox News has confirmed it. She's reporting that sources familiar with congressional investigation. Tell FOX at a lawyer for the DNC Clinton campaign was the previously unknown source providing evidence to the FBI Russia probe in two thousand sixteen James Baker the FBI a lawyer at Perkins Cohee. So when this news starts to appear, and then we got the mayor of New York that the Bill de Blasio, we're going to we're going to turn over every rock. We're going to turn over every rock defined every dollar. Trump owes the city of New York that he hasn't paid. Has anybody heard his James Comey come out and praise the FBI investigation here that's taken place in the last six days of that? Still nothing from Komi praising the great work of the FBI. Is that right? NPR? This is big news out here today. You'll look. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I've got Feinstein, and and and and Schumer at the microphones the funny thing to me Schumer. Shubert didn't hang around for questions. He wanted to make three points Feinstein's out there talking and Schumer's chomping at the bit standing right next door. He just wants a sweeper off the stage. Get to the microphones and say what he wants to get out of there. You know, what point he tried to make McConnell the turtle during his floor speech that I really chastise. The democrats. Are these needless delays in Schumer said we didn't delay Mr. Mr. Madam President. We didn't delay any delay. That has happened. Here has been because either the chairman of the committee or the leader of the Republicans has wanted a delay. But we're not rich because we don't run the committee, and we don't run the Senate. And so we can't have been responsible for any delayed. Of course, they are responsible for the delay. Ultimately, Schumer's right? I mean, the Republicans could've told him to go pound sand at each and every time they demanded another week, but everything's falling into place. Everything is predicted. We've predicted that the Democrats wouldn't be Saturday satisfied with what they ask for. They asked for an additional week of FBI investigation. They got it immediately. After getting it. They said a week wouldn't be long enough. Then we predicted that whatever the FBI comes back and says the Democrats are going to say it's tainted because they didn't do a thorough enough investigation. Didn't talk to everything that we predicted is coming to pass on the on the democrat side. Now as to the Blue Wave purple wave red wave, and and this kind of thing. NPR has a poll out there. Just over a month away from critical elections across the fruited plan. The wide democrat enthusiasm advantage that has defined the two thousand eighteen campaign up to this point has disappeared. According to an NPR PBS NewsHour Marras poll now for this to be true. Then it also has to be true that the previous polls were accurate. What what are you telling me before the program? It's cruise is now up seven over over Beato O'Rourke. And and that you seem surprised by that why? Two or three weeks ago crews with tied would beat over Beto Beto or ROY what if they never were tied. What if that would just polling data flimflam what that was nothing more than polling slum ary? What if Cruz never has trailed? You know, my theory about polling. They use it to shape public opinion. And you get close to the election. They have to start changing it to have it close to accurate. So that when the election's over there, not totally discredited. None of this polling data surprises me. I I have never thought the Democrats had a twelve point advantage. In the generic ballot in house races. But everybody goes with it because that's the only polling debut. Have the point is in the NPR poll. NPR Marras PBS NewsHour the democrat generic ballot advantage has gone from twelve percent to two percent. That's in the margin of error that is a wash. The Democrats have lost two points in this poll, and it is related to cavenaugh. There is a backlash happening against capital. There is a backlash happening against the behavior of the Democrats. But more importantly a bat a backlash against these. Really insane lunatic protesters supporters they have. Harassing people dachshund people a former intern for Sheila jackson-lee and Feinstein, and this guy is twenty seven years old. And he he works for all women. He's the guy that revealed all the public information names addresses phone numbers of Republican senators so that protesters could harass them. And the protesters did indeed harass one of them even showed up and beat up rand Paul in his front yard attacking him from the rear. Let's go to the audio soundbites on this NPR business. We'll start here at the top number one NPR is back translating me for their audience. This is last night all things considered a portion of a report by the NPR White House, correspondent tamra kief about Trump's comments expressing concerns about allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Cavanaugh and other men, and I've got a point to make about that again, hang on here. But I think it's hatred of men, and I said this Rush Limbaugh has been railing against so-called feminazi for decades. Too. Much commercial success? We're so out of balance here. Women activists feminazi women can demand all kinds of investigations into men. Men cannot require or demand investigations into women. You imagine if. Somebody tried that that was from his show today men are under investigation in this country via through cavenaugh or through Trump or whoever the idea being that men are under siege. As women have taken more prominent roles in the workplace says demographic, and cultural shifts have changed the rules. So next they went over to Frank Luntz. The king of focus group research to ask and have him. Explain how and why all of this is firing up the GOP base. It's something President Trump tapped into as a candidate with his talk of forgotten men, and political correctness run amok says Frank Luntz, the idea that you can't say things that you believe to be true that you can't think the way you once thought ten or twenty years ago because there's something wrong with it. And now as Trump tweeted today, there is an anger among some at how Cavanaugh has been treated Luntz notes that partisans seek to gain advantage from the open wound. That was the Cavanaugh hearing. It has been used by some to try to energize the white conservative mail to say, hey, look now, you're the victim. Okay. So here's NPR doing a report starting out railing against me and my comments predictions about feminazi. And then they go to Frank lawns. And Frank Luntz explains to them why. There might be a little backlash occurring. Not just among men, but among people on the right in general. And now here is the payoff NPR went out they pulled it themselves, and they found that exactly what I have been saying has come to pass the cavenaugh hearings are backfiring. Big time on the Democrats and NPR PBS NewsHour merest poll out today found a big swing public opinion among men following the hearing with a ten point increase in those saying they plan to support a Republican candidate in the upcoming midterm elections right now. So this this is happening and the only primary change or difference. Here has been the cavenaugh hearings and the and the left reaction to it. I've even seen stories today among never-trumper conservatives that this whole thing may actually reunite the conservative movement. Well, we will we'll see about that. But clearly, there is a reaction, isn't it. It's it's it's it's root level simple. This is so easily. Understood it is the worst smear campaign. Many people have ever seen in their lives. Many people, you know, even as windy Graham found out the other day. There are a lot of people today that have no idea than Hillary Clinton. Ran the operation to destroy women who surfaced saying that her husband Bill Clinton had abused them or rape them or mistreated them or what have you? Lindsey Graham talks about what James Carville said when you drag a dollar Bill through a trailer park, and he got booed because the millennials in the crowd had no idea that that's who Hillary Clinton was the same token. Those people have not lifted Robert Bork and many of them were not old enough to remember what happened Clarence Thomas and Anita hill. So this is their first. And that means it is the worst smear campaign ever that they've seen could anyone be smeared more. Can anybody be smeared more than Brent Cavanaugh has been smeared? We think that it can't get worse. But the left will always make it worse Cavanagh has been smeared. Unlike anybody since Clarence Thomas..

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