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Haiti, America, Bobby discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Boll show. So you have an eleven year old daughter. So what happened with her while we were at this hardware store, and I was busy with the salesperson picking out some things, and she had used the restroom. So I let her go by yourself. And I mean, she's eleven so she can't. But again, my kids they're only been in America, eight months, sometimes just figuring stuff out of the little new for them. And she comes back from the bathroom and Bobby she smells like she swam in popey well in the bathroom, they had this air freshener like the sh- superstrong air freshener. Well, she thought it was body spray. And she's at all over her head to tell like she was walking through the showroom and people were like, whoa. What is this? And then I asked her what did you do? And she said, I sprayed my body with the perfume. And I'm like, no, no, no, no that's air, fresher, and it got so bad. Like, she even she couldn't handle herself. Like, she was asking if we could go home and shower, but we we have do we couldn't go. So she just smelled really bad spray by skunk. Once when I was eleven by the way, I grew up in a really small town in Arkansas. Seven hundred people hunted and fish, and sometimes you get hit with skunks, and I got sprayed by a skunk spray by skunk. Not me personally. But I mean, come on. Okay. Yeah. And Sarah, my grandma taking and us getting a bunch of tomatoes and water because you can buy V that was expensive and you can buy cans of actual tomato juice, but you would take taking you it's smash up ten tomatoes filled bathtub with water, and I'm just saddened tomato water. Yeah. There's something in the tomato work. I really don't even know that worked. I think I still smell like skunk. When I got out of there. But I wonder if that smell was as hard to get off of her it wasn't skunk. Like, but I mean, it was powerful, and it was awful, and it was too much strong, and what's up with your kids? Meaning they've been here. Now since December of last year, we adopted from an orphanage in Haiti like what's their biggest struggle now with kind of a just to America or to having parents, or they weren't biologically brother and sister before you guys adopt. Opted them. What's their biggest struggle now loaded question little struggles for sure just to be honest. But I would say I just feel like they're a little behind. And I the biggest hurdle right now is us playing catch up in school constantly playing catch right now is a hurdle. Big time. What was the education like in the orphanage for them? Not that great. What would they here at the moment? That's very clear they have school. But it's just not at the caliber that we're used to. And I mean, we had them in English lessons every Saturday and Sunday for about two years like tutoring. Yeah, I don't think that worked really at all even at the orphanage, even though you're paying for someone to go in right? I just don't think he I mean, he poor guy that was doing it like he tried. But I don't think he was a quipped. So what would be the goal this year? What's the what's the goal with them? You give them into school year goal. The. For is. Like my goal is to there's a school. We would like for them to go to the I think would be really really good for them. There's other kids from Haiti that are there, and as a school that actually has another school in Haiti they're very Haiti centered. My gold be for them to be at a spot where they could get into that school. But right now, I mean, they're they're not.

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