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Stuff. Yeah and you know you guys have done an incredible job with the brand with creating a community around this and there's a lot of optics companies out there you got a lot of competitors in the space and you guys stand out for reasons. I'm excited to dig into that But you said you have over three hundred sixty team members which is absolutely incredible. What have some some of the milestones along that journey from starting with just a handful of people now up to three sixty. Yeah there's been a lot of milestones. I think one of the things that we've been really good at is pivoting and trying a lot of experiments. We call him experiments over here along the way what's really led to the team. Members is just the fact that we use our flywheel. Jim collins calls it and that's where we take care of customers we over serve the customers and we give them so much value that they keep coming back they tell their friends about us and become customers for life when you do that kind of day after day week after week month after month it sort of adds up and you need a lot more team members to be able to support all those customers but some of the biggest milestones that we had was when we added rifle scopes as a category in two thousand and seven. That's now our biggest category. We had red dots in two thousand nine. We had arranged finders in two thousand eleven. It was almost two every two years. We added a new category and then a lot of our retailers that we support they really spurred a lot of growth for our brand and then ultimately adding those additional team members. Wow so you guys just kept evolving. You're like apple. We gotta release the ipod and the ipod touch and the iphone. You get innovating even in your space. Where feels like okay. How much more crazy in techy can again. You have just kept on doing that. Which is incredible. And i mentioned you've got a lot of competitors in the space what has set vortex apart from the other companies out there. Yes we have a lot of competitors we have a lot of good competitors and so one of the things when it comes to sport optics at the end of the day what we sell as a tool. It's a tool to do a job but one way that we approached it is we never wanted to just be a tool. We wanted to be somebody that really became part of what our customers love. And so there are hobbies so whether it be hunting shooting or bird-watching whether it's supporting military and law enforcement we really wanted to be part of a lifestyle brand and become part of what they're doing and we really felt like that would set a part. It would create a longevity for for the brand for the business it would also create a lot of additional sales people. If you will in that we would win them over and they would tell their friends and their family and then those people would become customers as well so we would just try to get into every area. Almost of their life that was sort of Not creepy to become more than just a tool. Yeah and and you guys have done that so well. I mean the people who are are coming to you. they're going. I wanna be a part of this community. I wanna be a part of people like this like minded people who love the outdoors love hunting. He'll have all these different things. And so you guys have done an incredible job with that. So there's a lot of things that set your company apart and one of those things is your core values. We talk about this. A lot of entreleadership. Podcast were big on core values. And i love what you guys have in your core values about you. That's a great core value. Customer is king. be the buffalo and willingness to shovel. Snow walk us through those real quick for sure so about you is really a play on words when you look at. Somebody's website usually look at a website. And it says about us. We wanted to flip the script particularly my dad. When you go to those places on a website. He would say to himself. It shouldn't be about us. It should be about the customer. And that's where about you came from. I love that the second one is customer is king and so we've got a priority stack because there's a lot of customers. There's the end-consumer. There's the retailers there is internal customers and what we just say is in any given situation. You need to know who your customer is. And that person is the king so in the priority stack. There is a priorities customers and we have to serve all the customers but we have to serve our end. Consumer number one and the retailer is a very close second. We have really good relationships with our retailers. The third one is be the buffalo. And you guys definitely know the be the buffalo message but for those that don't you know in colorado the state sort of divided into By mountains and these storms build up on the west coast and they eventually spill over the mountains onto the planes and on the plains. You've got cows and you've got buffalo and They react very differently to these storms. The cows run or since their cows they probably walk away from the storm therefore prolonging how long they're in discomfort and in that storm and the buffalo reactor differently they turn they face the storm and they charge it so there is a level of discomfort. There is a level of Storm that they have to face but by running straight towards it..

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