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I will say that the on on either side of the political fringes there there are morons i luck this hates clowns the left jokers to the right of that's that's where rats so yes a group recommends magic potions for clarity beauty and energy and infowar says heirloom organics' professional medicine packs and away snowflakes as so many things why am i so effion tired says who infowar says brain force you know there's just tons of these things out there and they're using the same stuff they're just re packaging them speaking of repackaging yes i have another more on the gender sisters whose that s just a few months after her pepsi ad where oh the problem genital gender yes kindle jenner is getting hammered again on social media this time with his sister kylie uh are reality star is inner otherwise to getting hammered on social media you know what i'm saying that it was gonna not the videotape to sandra style the recordings as anyways these are reality stars and as you well know when they're inner luxury property rights are threatened lawsuits fly they fly fast but you know ended the interest of promoting their own bread they've decided to release a selection of limited edition vintage music tshirts hungry in which they superimposed their own face on album cover art and various copy written imagery horace aimed at torius viag pink floyd metallica led zeppelin because you know why wouldn't that be totally okay if we know one thing about copyright you do not fuck with metallica.

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