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It's time for mac break weekly antimonarchic rene ricci and alex lindsay are all here we're going to talk about the rumors about w wbz coming up in june what they may announce including a night a new iphone s e and a tale of woe having to do with apples campus in the solo drone it's all coming up next amac quit with the us from people you trust this is tweets bandwidth for mac break weekly is provided by cash fly at sea a c h e f l y dot com this is back break weekly episode five hundred ninety eight recorded tuesday february 20th 2018 drone down at apple park maccari quickly is brought to you by audible for a free audio book with a thirty day free trial go to audible dot com slash mac break or text mac break to five hundred five hundred and by casper asleep brand that continues to revolutionize his line of products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night of the time you could save fifty dollars toward select mattresses by visiting casper dot com slash mac break and using the promo code mac break at checkout and by wordpress make wordpresscom your online home plan start at just four dollars a month go to wordpress dot com slash mac break to get 15 percent off your brand new website today siva rag greg weekly the show we cover the latest apple news with the apple and the and the apple team assembles and the knock co all the way out there in left field we had a putsch out in left field he's was chicagosuntimes he wbt dot com because palic's lindsey as in spain and further us shortstop today thank you alex saalbach he's fate on your toes and the other third baseman rene rich she from ongoing deal i'm going uh uh catchers in pitchers report.

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