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To something who episode forty three. I'm talking again with chris. Chapman a man of many talents but among them is putting together. These fantastic documentaries for the doctor blu-ray collections. The last time we talked chris it was it was pretty much the start of the pandemic some sometime in in march last year. And i i mean. I guess at that point that the impact was being felt in the uk. So i suppose a some degree of mouthy starts to resume have you fair to him. Has it been for you. And it's been busy which it is it's i. I think we'll certainly personally been quite lucky. I've seen a lot of people in my industry have have a difficult time and and i hope that changes is certainly starting to change very quickly. But i've personally had a very busy lockdown kind of went from cancelling doctor who shoots that was very to shoot to being employed in country file for year doing doctor. Who in the background running out to all born when i heard grabbing frank skinner when i could and going and filming restaurant in december about the only week possibly get silvester mccoy to sit at a table with bonnie langford and several. So it's been kind of nonstop in quite a pleasing way. And i kind of i wouldn't have liked to have seen what my lockdown would have been like without. I think if i'd been unable to work would have probably been adopt time as i'm sure it has been lots people. So now it's been it's being okay. And where gradually shifting back to normal in terms of filming. I think it's just made us all very conscious particularly on the who've range of of how precious the people we phone with our. Nobody wants to be the person that goes in and kills. Frazer hines wipes out as mccoy or something like that so it makes us very. We'll always trying to avoid that. Even in peacetime it's made us acutely aware of how fragile and precious the people that we were without definitely. Yeah now i. I definitely got the impression that you were busy from from twitter feet and a similar story for me really in that very different line of work now at a broadcast transmission company And sort of light. It really but nonetheless very very busy but yeah it. It seems to be like that. I mean people seem to have either been flat out or had nothing to do and i think it's been a very unequal experience as a result. But yeah i'm glad glad glad to hear that might have to keep going and of course now award winning you may otherwise but the doctor who cooked revisited winning the award last summer i think yeah. Thank you now. That was a delicious surprise. Me because i vented doctor who talks low television society awards before when i lived up in the northeast and and we never go anywhere with really because i think ultimately the joy these things is that made for such a niche audience. We can of evelyn that but you show that to a not we and the of care. What is this what is this. Why haven't you write this for a general audience and answer normally. We got nowhere..

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