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That's gonna throw a lot man. We've been waiting a long time to say something like that. So i if i've got the chance to get damon. Here's why no will be the lead back. I think for the patriots for the rest of the season out. Gladly take of dj dallas. And then jordan. Wilkins is another guy. He had a great game. It was a career best game for him. Twenty carries career. I eighty nine yards. Rushing was great. But there. I i don't believe i don't believe he's truly going to be the feature back for the rest of the season. I'm almost positive that jonathan taylor will eventually overtake him. And hines is going to be a fly in the ointment. And i'm i'm nervous. That people are going to go crazy on jordan wilkins. And it's not gonna pay off for them if you told me. John and taylor is gonna miss anytime jordan. Wilkins is the number one running back to add. And then just reading the stuff out of indianapolis this week. They said which was shocking. Because they were talking about taylor so much that first of all this wasn't an injury related thing why Wilkins played over taylor. Because reich said he didn't know about the injuries after the game so it sounds like it could be somewhat of an excuse but they were saying that taylor was dancing. Too much john scrimmage. His time to the whole will get a longest that he's had all season was over three seconds prior to that he had been around two and a half seconds. And wilkins was i think. Two point eight nine. If i read correctly which was among the fastest of the colts running backs this season. So they're clearly. Not happy with taylor at this point The thing about dallas is. He did everything that you like from a fantasy running back in terms of leading the team in carries and working in a passing obviously getting the goal and opportunities and yes. He does not have a long as long as as what daming her should have. But we're trying to win games right now and so if i can get a chance to get dj dallas and a matchup against buffalo. Who's allow running back to score and four games in a row. Two guys to go over a hundred yards over that span. one of which was aiming harris. I'm absolutely taking. dj dallas. I and social you know what but but hold on dallas okay. It's not like you play that. Well two point three yards per against but listen three point four yards per catch. It wasn't good there travis. Homer was active travis. Homer played and he obviously was hurt. It was an emergency situation. All you need is homer to be healthier..

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