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Bickers track record with the old world didn't bode well for the sources success and the source might have gone on just the same way if not for two key events that took place right after he opened it. The first of these events was that Dora left more of a party girl world than businesswoman. Dora had no interest in running a restaurant and took off on an extended vacation to France right when Baker needed her. The most Baker responded by illegally marrying another woman in her absence a young Sufi named Mila. And if that weren't crazy enough Dora to married someone what else. While she was abroad. One can only imagine the scene. When Dora came back to Los Angeles possibly to tell Baker she had met someone and found him already married to someone else? Baker's new wife was outraged to me Dora so much so that she had her marriage to Baker annulled then doors. New husband found out about Baker Acre and had his marriage with Dora. Dora newly ditched by her French husband officially divorced Baker and for the first time since he was nineteen gene. The forty-seven-year-old Jim Baker found himself alone. Beyond its comedic finale. What's fascinating about this? Incident is how Baker interpreted terported it. Afterwards he had illegally married another woman indoors absence yet. He felt until his dying day that Dora had abandoned him. mm-hmm and according to the source families historian Isis Baker. Never got over it. Maybe that was why he thought himself in such a vulnerable place the night right. He met his third and final. Surrogate Father Yogi Bahujan. This meeting was the second event that came from opening the source restaurant and it would lead to Baker's acres final transformation Yogi Badgen was a Pakistani Sikh who traveled the world in the nineteen sixties teaching the practice of Kunda leany yoga distinguished from other forms of yoga by its emphasis on the central nervous system. COON deline uses meditation chanting and controlled breathing exercises to release spiritual energy thought to originate originate at the base of the spine. Baljit combined the practice of Kundun. Leany Yoga with seek traditions such as vegetarian. Diet avoidance of Drugs and alcohol and to style of dress that included long flowing robes and a white turban starting in the late sixties budget and picked up a few western Western ideologies as well in nineteen sixty nine he came to America on a Green Card procured by one of his students. Rock and roll legend Johnny Rivers at the time rivers was playing with a group called the fifth dimension which had a hit song called Aquarius. Let the sunshine in Yogi barge. Unlike the idea of a dawning aquarian aquarian age and incorporated into his teaching. Thus he developed a unique blend of Yoga Sikhism and Western astrology that resonated did with everything baker had been studying since he was a child. It was a master disciple match made in heaven but within a year bakers experiences and says with John would set him and his followers on a path toward a living. Hell coming up. We'll walk the road to hell now back to the story in May of nineteen sixty nine about a month after opening the source restaurant forty seven year old. Jim Baker attended the party that would change the trajectory of his life forever. What seemed to be a run of the mill Shindig at the home of Vegetarian Cookbook? Author took a turn when when the hostess introduced her. Special Guest world-famous Kunda leany master Yogi. John Baker regarded this so-called master Sir with competitive disdain. Through his years is a popular restaurant. Owner Bakker had become used to being the center of attention but tonight the bearded turban-wearing urban wearing Yogi was getting all the looks and Baker. Didn't like it if this party had taken place a few weeks earlier Baker might have had a wife for to to keep company but now he was alone which seems to have contributed to his decision to make a hasty exit as Baker was leaving the party however he he felt a hand on his arm. The famous Yogi Badgen had reached out to stop him. According to Isis aquarian Baljit looked baker. Deepen the eyes and and said quote son. I'm holding meditation in the morning and I want you to come and quote. Isis claims. The word son had a life altering impact on Baker and based on how he behaved next that seems to be the case. Baker immediately began attending Bodgit's Yoga and meditation classes classes on a daily basis. Although he had studied religion and spirituality for decades Baker had never professed adherence to any one belief system but within months of meeting Badgen he converted to Sikhism began growing out his hair and beard and started dressing in all white robes in solidarity with with his master. We've seen Baker behaved like this with his previous two surrogate fathers immersing himself in their philosophies and adopting their beliefs but with Badgen Baker went even further and he began claiming that Budgen was the father of the coming new age and had cards placed on all the tables at the source. Restaurant brought declaring that Yogi. John was God. This was a fascinating display of devotion by a man who within less than a year would become the leader leader of his own cult and the intensity of his behavior suggests that something deeper was at play bakers devotion to Belgian developed at lightning speed and in the wake of what he considered to be abandonment by his wife. Dora taken together. These two facts may indicate that Baker was experiencing some form form of reactive attachment disorder. According to the American Psychiatric Association reactive attachment disorder is a trauma disorder that develops out the feelings of parental abandonment during early childhood symptoms include impulsively lacking a sense of belonging and an inability to develop and maintain tain significant relationships. Because it can only be diagnosed between nine months and five years of age a time. Baker's life when his mother is certainly didn't have the means to take him to a psychiatrist. We don't know whether Baker actually had reactive attachment disorder. But it would help explain. His almost obsessive need for connection Yogi. Jogi badgen responded to Baker's overzealousness by attempting to set boundaries. I he sent men to the source to remove all the cards Baker at place. They're proclaiming that budget was God. This turned out to be ineffective as Baker replaced the cards the next day so Bahujan up the stakes. Banning Baker Acre from his Ashram Baker responded by breaking in overnight then waiting for budget to arrive for meditation the next morning. This situation might quickly glee of spiraled out of control if it weren't for the fact that Baker's need for attachment soon found relief in a young woman named Robin Popper. Baker met Robin in the summer of sixty nine about three months after Dora divorced him. Baker was forty seven years old. Robin was nineteen eighteen and enjoyed hanging out at the source wearing nothing but a white bikini like Dora. Robin was a wild child a hard partying. Hollywood nymphet unfit who enjoyed drugs and rock and roll unlike her predecessor. However Robin was not attracted to Baker? He asked her out over and over and Robin repeatedly turned him down saying he was too old. As with Yogi Bahujan Baker showed little respect for Robbins boundaries and lacked awareness of how to build an appropriate opiate relationship. He began following Robin and his car down Sunset Boulevard calling to her out the window and begging her to go out with them some might. I never reported Baker to the police for stocking but the nineteen year old robin decided to handle things differently. Decision which would drastically alter the course of her life on August eighth nineteen. sixty-nine Brabin was strolling down sunset on her way to meet up with a friend. Bigger began following her down the street street in his car. Saying if she didn't go out with them he would never leave her alone. Robin made Baker a deal. She would go out with him that night if he would promised Thomas not to ask her again. Bigger agreed and robin went out with him instead of going to see her friend in a bizarre twist of fate that friend rand turned out to be the pregnant actress. Sharon tate later that night August eighth nineteen sixty-nine followers of the infamous cult leader. Charles Charles Manson broke into Sharon. Tate's house murdering tate. And everyone else inside. When Robin saw the news the next morning she was terrified Loyd if not for Baker she would have been murdered to Robbins? Fear and shock sent her running back to the man she had tried to reject less within twenty four hours before and although we don't know exactly what took place between them we do know that both of them were transformed as a result. Robin became came Bakers Lover and his first dedicated follower. She was convinced that by preventing her from going to Sharon. Tate's house that night Baker had shown evidence that he possessed miraculous powers and she believed he should share those powers with the world. Robin and Baker were married in May of nineteen seventy and that same month. She convinced him to begin teaching Sunday. Meditation classes at the source. This was not only the beginning of Baker's teaching career it was also so the very beginning of the source family. Bigger students attended his classes on Sunday mornings and either worked or hung out at the restaurant all during the week. Well it may not have been Baker's intention. This gave him a tremendous amount of power over their lives. According to psychologist Robert Jay Lifton colts begin with thought. Reform and the most basic feature of thought reform is control of an individual's environment as the owner of the source restaurant. Baker had literally created the environment in which many of his employees already spent six days a week by adding meditation classes on the Seventh Day. They're only day off off. Baker was virtually ensuring that his philosophies became the dominant psychological force in his workers minds. Initially the Sunday. Meditation classes were repetitions of classes. Baker had taken from.

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