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Guys and uh i really see this green day team taking care of business against minnesota look i know tinam at times can be solid i just don't know how did this minnesota teams going to be without stefan digs and i know it's a good solid homefield advantage i know you probably like the vikings here but i'm on green day one welcome to the i was unaware that was going to lose my wife one of my wide receivers for the vikings and certainly um the fact that green bay has been so good within the division ideas my obeys to my only made green bay a two point absolutely had to play the vikings three and a half numbers gone to now down to three and i'm very concerned about the viking flew in there said rookie running back as well you know what i don't my quarterback my running back in one of my key wide receiver maybe the vikings aren't than average team average team i certainly thinkers value but that may be a leap of faith there you go meanwhile the bears they have their rookie in their trubisky made a lastminute mistake against minnesota through the pick inside his own red zone can't do that they'll learn willie learn now from his first world game at baltimore ravens minded six and a half got some offense together against the hapless reader defense thirty nine the total this is a tough one for me says i'm going to stay away but i i lean baltimore just because it is trubisky is first game the narrative he would be a lot different happy through didn't get deflected intercepted and deflected into his receivers arms i do think he made a lot of night plays a call back on penalty which mitigate the lot of that but frankly the in the end zone with that pollute touchdown end the poop fake punt baltimore's a difficult place to play i made the game 7 on passing all right now dan interfaith in his back after one game suspension there for the bears will young is out and that means they'll go with macphee at out outside linebacker there progess to update a couple things there we got you soon new and bryant was questionable fez did you update on matt brian for atlanta to say that i just don't follow kickers enough because i am i.

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