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Just put on in the last two minutes. Our player resume brought to you by indeed find the high impact tire. Your business needs that indeed dot com slash high impact. So think about it Rookie of the year up for most improved Player of the year. Hey, you want to make a bet next year is in the top five and MVP voting, especially if Luca don keeps playing like he has here in Orlando. This season. Luca Don Cheech was averaging 28.7 points, 9.3 rebounds in over eight assists per game in the bubble. He's taken his game to another level, and it culminated with his performance in Game four. Luca on the bounce right hand's broken line float job. Good right off the front of the Ram Got the members bounce, and it's a five point affair After being down 21 in the second quarter in Orlando, Luke is averaging more than 30 points. 10 boards in 9.7 assists per game Icecream Janovic Luca follows him down the lane. The ball reaches up and flushes it with two hands. 19 3 run for the Dallas Mavericks daily by six. And that is the triple double the second player in history to lead both teams outright in points rebounds in assistant a playoff game at 21 years younger he joins LeBron James in doing so. And despite playing on a sprained ankle, Dodge it on Sunday scored 24 of his 43 points on drives the screen. Luca drives right slide spend 3 60 Black right shoot stars in one, became the second player in Hamburg history with multiple 40 point games in his first four career playoff games. Joining both Chamberlain in 1960 entered the game all for 10 on game tying and go ahead shots in the final minute. During the regular season. He went three for three on those shots in Game four alone, Touch Pastor Dan Shits down the rights of the lane, euro step shoots and scores off the glass timeout. Doc Rivers, Luca became the fifth player, an MBA history. He scored 40 points and make a game winning buzzer beat him in a postseason off the previous four. The only one to make the buzzer beater While trailing was Michael Jordan. Dante's joined M. J on Sunday gets it into Dodge insistence on a half court to the top of the arc steps left three for the win..

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