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Right across the street from a Parka nothing park in in. Carson yeah and I remember seeing around there sometimes. So you know I'll see law writers choose going up and down I just fall in love them as as a kid I of course, I would like men on thin caliber I'll ever have one. In And then. And then in Atlanta when. I remember it was like. Two, thousand and nine like the the recession was kind of dine at the time. It was kind of picking up I guess if you to say that I, gotTa. GotTa, who job and and. I told my Primoz lightning we should billing right Brian in we were like he was like, yeah let's just let's just do the the one whatever and each he went from there you know we started we started. Building Carson. And when we got done with them start Kanye with people that was around the Loretta culture basically, or the lower community in Atlanta is your big Laura. Is Big Yeah it's There's a lot of closer. Closer representing yeah, and I think right now we're one of the biggest ones. I think. If. Not the first or the second one in Atlanta. But our goal is. To, keep the rider culture alive you know because. You don't see it a lot in like you don't see the car Salah. You don't. You don't see them out on the streets. So we try to, we try to write as much as we can do do van Slyke, harsh carshield's and and we always out on. Carmen since with the low rider so that so that people can see that they still around you know. Not You said he either the biggest or the second biggest How many members would you say are a part of your, Car Club. currency. What does Curriculum House Around thirty, thirty, six, thirty, five, thirty, seven. Members Okay and and up but there's also a lot of other arc like, yes. Local. So crazy bottles that what you said. Loretta. Club. Does does my club. Yeah Okay and what does it require to join but just have adult Rydell okay you Fergie. Car just throw the on thirteen thirteen spokes and we'll go from there. You Start Building from there that will kind of cars belong to your. You say low riders give Paulo's yeah we have like. Forty eight fleet line I have sixty, seven, impala convertible. thousand Lincoln. TOWNCAR but I I've had sixty, three, sixty, four, sixty, five, name it I, hide him all Moshe right now.

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