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He he couldn't figure out whether he wanted to, you know, use head fakes to get around them or just gonna run through being bigger when with the guy, so yeah, that's something that I'll be keeping an eye on for sure. Especially if he's going to be playing over the middle of Phil. Yeah. You'll get better at those things. I mean, you you, you know, you got only so much that you can improve on that stuff especially in the college game. Just because you don't class restraints and ours was restraints and stuff like that. But I know it's our restraints there in the NFL, but you don't football more than you know, you worrying about right or chemist protests. Yeah. You don't you'll you'll have a chance to improve. And and like I said he's around some great coaches that little speed that process up on. Yeah. Absolutely. And now now that it's his job there. And now that he'll be able to do this every day and see what he's doing everyday review those practice a review his praxis before and afterwards. It'll be I imagine. It'll just be a lot different. So yeah, that's a good point as well. So hurt went in. In the third round. Do you think that was good spot? Former where where did you guys think that he was going to go? Well, you know, I thought he may have been you know, we probably could have been a late second early third round pick went where he ended up going. So I think that was spot form. I mean before God it just plays position for one season. I mean, you you got drafted the punch guys playing the position their entire lives in. I think that's a credit to him showing that you know, he has some ability to be able to do that. But you know, I thought they'd been a, you know, a second round pick to to early third and he ended up right there at that spot. Yeah. And we're talking to you like you mentioned his ceiling helps them a lot. It just natural ability helps on the lie. But he puts them really did things on tape for a first year player for first year receiver. So yeah, I think that third round just ride around that area. And then I mean, just go into the forty Niners helps a lot with who's calling plays all year. No question when when when an offense of. Guy like that. When office got Shanahan takes his chance on you early in the third round. Where teams are still looking for starters. I think that speaks a lot about you know, what heard can be no question. You know, those guys know what they're doing. Let them around football time, Colin and John. And so, you know, just trust the evaluation, and and I think done a great job by getting a great player like him. So you mentioned he's like a straight up serious guys that how he is all the time when he's on the field. How is he like I mean, he's competitive as heck man. And that's something about our program. You know have been here at Baylor. I mean, we're we talked about competing and competition. And he's he's he's the faith of that. And he's going to compete, and you know, he'll go have some fun and beating her own E. He'll joke around he'll laugh and have the time. But he understands that. But William between those white lines about this. They're saying if you take care of business, I you know, is a lot more fun. You can have a lot more fun. So he's business. I and have fun second. And that should give them a chance to have a pretty productive career..

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