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I mean the fact that michael walker who could start on just about any other team is going to be more of a rotational player. Just based on the scheme is crazy. richie graham. We saw some him he look good. Yeah i mean this is a bunch. I mean every week. There's been a bunch of defensive players. A lot of them younger guys Every williams actually. I mean you've talked about in past episodes. You know him. Being on that. Punter battle competition with the chris rolling. I thought he really stood out at corner in this game You know roland did have What a- catcher. Whatever but every williams in corner looked good. I mean you wouldn't be like starting corner anything on this team. But if he's like your fifth or sixth corner I mean you ain't gonna hear any complaints from me and which is what he will be. And that's a completely fine and again he is. He's a plus athlete. Who were we brought on primarily for special teams. So if you're getting quality corner play From from a depth standpoint again not for this guy to be a starter clearly. It's really good. He was our third highest grade player on. So that's really encouraging and to your point. Tj green was her highest graded player by pf and for those who are unfamiliar tj. Green was a two thousand sixteen. Second round draft pick by the colts Alek clemson four. Three four speeds six-foot-three if this guy can be a depth player for us like that's you know that's some high pedigree and in a amount of times with these guys you know. We talked about this before the team that drafted them you draft someone that high in the second round you're really wanting them to eventually become starter and if that player just doesn't turn into that you feel like you have to move on from the atlanta as a place where he could go and potentially just be a rotational guy like you said moving from safety the corner. He doesn't have to be cornerback. One or two or even three like right now. Isaiah oliver's are nickel someone like tj. Green i feel like is he's going to be a good fit as that fourth or fifth corner someone you can turn to in really sub packages or someone that can come in and in in substitution or during injury and fill in spots. And that's you know those guys matter they help fill out the roster and to your point i think he made a strong case for making the fifty three man roster this week. He's one of the names. I'm going to be paying attention to to see if he sneaks in at the end the other name that popped he got twenty six snap. Second highest graded on pf marlon davidson. His second preseason game and he second strong performance he missed the second preseason game he played in the first one. Look good in that one Played in this. One has looked good in this one. So knock on wood. Hopefully this is a sign that marlon davidson is going to have a much better year than his rookie year All right the the the secondary we didn't see much of the starters at all I think Eric harrison drawn harmon. Did not play but we did get to see a good of resell harmon out there. Did he play. He may have played a few. No air cares. Definitely but i i right arm in harmony. Play like a couple you know. He played ten snaps so he was out there. But i think primarily the falcons leaned on jalen hawkins who had forty two taps And richie grant. Who had thirty. Two sam's and i've got to be honest. I am actually really excited about how. These two guys are developing. Obviously richie grant second round. Pick a lot of people him to be a starter right now and i just don't think that's in the cards immediately. I'm not saying that can't happen this year but jalen hawkins like again he. He graded out fairly well on. Pf he's had a really strong. Preseason what do you think about the two safeties. Because i feel like this is This could be preview. Who are starters are in twenty twenty two. Yeah i mean. I i like talking even last year before. He got injured This preseason he's really showcase that e could technically start for this team In obviously he's from the last regime so it's not like Arthur smith in being. Pc came in thinking about jalen hawkins thinking they had a starting safety in him because he hadn't had a lot of tape From missing games last year. So could he technically start. Yeah but you know they do. Have these two guys the in harmony in harris who are technically the starters but you might see hawkins in there as a rotational player. Just because he's been too good to kind of take off the he'll again. It was preseason but he's really good in You know dean pees a sent him even on blitzes where it's gone up middle and got a sack during preseason I think they really like him in a feature depth safety. I mean that's very good exactly and again When when you've got these guys essentially in the rookie. General hawkins d play last year. I get that but essentially you know. These guys are still very young. And you you can put the behind veterans. Let them grow and develop. It's such a perfect situation for them right now. There's no immediate expectations it lets them play little bit more free as you mentioned. I think hawkins think he feels the same sort of well a pressure and now he's able to just you know play as a reserve and come in and just ball out and and make his case. And you know the same will be true for richie grant who has a rookie. His head is probably swimming as many are so good opportunity for them to you. Do you find it interesting. That both are starting safeties. You know we talked about on previous episodes but they'll technically the week one not playing together like that will be their first time playing the other. Yeah because a lot of times have to be on like similar pages and they will have no game experience together. Yeah that's I guess some of this comes down to the whole debate about how much the preseason games actually matter versus the practices and in versus You know what they did miami with the joint practice. We seems to be out in just reading. The tea leaves from how arthur smith's has has talked about this. Preseason my bet is. The falcons are going to lean more heavily on joint practices in the future. And they're gonna. They're just not interested in playing starters in preseason games. I think the joint practices where they feel like they get their best look at what the team's but see that's what it's like for example. If i was in charge. I probably would have played harris over having like. Aj tyrel out there right like. Because i think it. You know knowing you have jalen hawkins like god forbid and this has nothing on eric harris. It's just he's new here like you kind of want I'm not trying to like attack. Eric harris it's just like i mean it makes sense to have like dionne jones or grady jared out there but air is their level like i don't understand really why he wasn't you know out there in.

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