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The sun is out of the Irish offense. Played their best ball the year. Fifty eight seconds left in the first quarter daily Vanderbilt ten said nothing Brandon wimbush just had a twelve yard touchdown run. Justin. You has twenty six yards Bill and a special teams about ready to come out to the field to give the ball back to Vanderbilt. Let's go back to the field. Check in with Jack plug guys, I can reinforce what Ryan just said. I have a nice pair pick sold. Underarm running shoes on the bottom of my feet are high. I mean, that's one of the issues planning on Turkish both of you guys. Now, the good thing today is there's a breeze down here. So if you're full pads announce, it's still warm, and you have to hydrate quit. It's not the kind of oppressive heat that they had for example, the night of the Michigan what possible advantage for this. Notre Dame defense Vanderbilt's on the averaging sixty four offensive plays a game they huddle for every single Blake. So it's not the temple that has given them. Notre Dame Princeton victory. The Notre Dame offensive lines rotating on almost every other way to stay Energi. So this defense may have sufficient time to respite recover between snaps. It will be interesting to see at Vanderbilt price to play hurry up. I haven't seen him do it. So far this year or Jack? Thank you very much steak road. Watch out for the shoes. It's always tough Paul you reach your hand down as alarming into that. Rubbers? Allison the Heat's coming into your face on top of your back. You're thinking what the heck am I doing here? Jonathan door kicks it off from our left to our right tomorrow. Wakefield is deep sprints up and takes it from his own sixteen. Very short kickoff. And he gets out to the thirty three yard line return of seventeen yards on the short effort from door mccook point. It's not going to be happy with that kick landing right about. Either or high and that all neither right there. Vanderbilt had mild success on their first ride. They got it close to midfield on third down in one through tranquil with a great job pass defense. His buddy tae-bong county was in the face of cow Shurmur. They didn't get the first punted it back to Notre Dame. And they started that drive. They just finished from their own six yard line ninety four yards ending and a touchdown run from Bentonville. From twelve yards out fifty four seconds left in the first quarter Notre Dame leading Vanderbilt ten nothing. Will return after this message from Coca Cola fest tailgate Scott to be burgers and ice, cold coke, reentered hoops, and Saabs. Dodger dog passed me account. What you need a hot grill is cold coke come on. Race day. Tailgate in one one. Remember what we're doing? Here goes out beyond the campus of Notre Dame in every conflict since the civil war Notre Dame graduates have fought for their country. We've trained officers to serve in the army navy air force and marines in both world wars Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf Iraq and Afghanistan this year, we've launched a new initiative, the office of military and veterans affairs to prepare veterans for college and help them graduate. It's who we are God country Notre.

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