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Larry coffee the stock market still lowered the Dow down one hundred thirty points the nasdaq giving back twenty four wins use time to forty one now traffic and transit here's were grateful to line on the east side of Manhattan still an absolute mess north bend if the army reached ninety second street right across from asphalt green we've been staring at this wreck for well over two and a half hours ago to stand still going back to fourteenth street if they don't get this out of the way by rush hour is going to get worse west side or the avenues the smarter please at the hour B. Q. we were west bound side very tough go of it from right off of the cost use go bridge all the way down towards the trench before Hamilton Avenue this is all because of a rack that has at least one lane knocked out of service the eastbound side of the beach we control mess to contend with that is trouble getting up past Atlantic Avenue that'll Jim you're from the inbound goal waters and the area of the thirty eighth street Long Island expressway eastbound slows the queen's Boulevard as we deal with the wrecked the Grand Central jam Easter Q. gardens built these down company over to Francis Lewis Boulevard here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels inbound side of the George about ten minutes on another level west side the best way out we get in Holland it no more than ten either way I'm Greg rice on ten ten wins wins news time two forty two and other crash claims the life of a motorcyclist in the city this happened in the Bronx the victim an off duty high ranking member of the NYPD dump truck was making a left turn for me stream on Avenue on to Waterbury out and you just before eight in the morning when it collided with a motorcycle in the intersection to the back of the trucks we'll. that witness who asked that we not use her name says other people told the truck driver who perhaps didn't realize the motorcycle was stuck under the truck to stop and he did but the motorcycle driver was severely injured. taking away on the structure and. he died at the hospital police say he was a twenty nine year veteran of the NYPD fifty six year old inspector Michael McGrath who led the cadet corps at the police academy Sonya Rincon ten ten wins on the stream on Avenue in the Siler bill section of the Bronx and so far no charges filed against the truck driver the annual you end gridlock starts next week on Manhattan's east side with the General Assembly meeting from the twenty third through the thirtieth there are plans this year to extend protected lanes to the area to help bike riders navigate the traffic mass at ten Kerr is the city transportation department's Manhattan borough commander for the first time since the protected lanes.

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