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Six twenty one on a Friday morning staffer Toby until he's top stories on this day, twenty of the government shutdown. What's going on shortly after the partial government shutdown? Started photos started popping up on social media showing Trask trash cans that were overflowing. Remember at the National Mall and other other parks with the national park service's now announced that trash pickup will begin once again because the money to pay for the cleanup crew is gonna come from fees that are collected parks nationwide. The nationwide. Search free missing Wisconsin teenager over genie clause was found alive in northern Wisconsin about seventy miles from our home. Police believe that she was home and her parents were shot and killed back in October. And that she was abducted a suspect is now in custody, we Arlington school board decided to rename Washington Lee high school, I leaders now voted to rename it Washington. Liberty high school that decision came after months of discussions to change the school's name to reflect the diversity of the country. The Bethesda to new Carrollton rail line was supposed to open in early twenty twenty two, but it's been delayed by a lawsuit environmental reviews property, acquisitions and coordination with utilities and CSX companies were building that line have said it's not going to start carrying passengers until at least twenty twenty three. And that's if construction excel A-Rated more likely will open sometime in twenty twenty four the purple line is going to be delayed. Yes. And according to a surprising new survey, most of the cities with the best, nightlife. They're not on the east coast. Not even on the west coast there in the mid west the survey, analyzed how many bars clubs and nightclubs are in each city across the country, and they found that states like Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin are booming booming coming in a number one for best nightlife in the entire US that all Saint Louis. They got good barbecue that got good drinks. It needs.

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