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Interested in the copies of sonya's ancient parchments which were included -cluded in decides book after meticulous scrutiny lincoln found that certain letters in the parchment were raised a millimeter above the rest of the taxed taxed on their respective lines when he isolated those letters they form a sentence in latin translated to two dega bear the second can't king and two cy on belongs this treasure and he is dead. Lincoln felt he'd made a monumental discovery. He got into contact with blonde hair and said who encouraged his research. This was exactly what they had been hoping for they had purposely left glues lose in the forged parchments for others to find and interpret they fed lincoln tips about the parchments leading him to other coded messages for example on the second parchment lines broke in odd places sometimes in the middle of words with plantar prodding lincoln lincoln soon noticed that the word science was spelled out vertically on the ends of the line breaks lincoln was hooked throughout nineteen seventy he spend time forming theories of his own which paralleled and sometimes exceeded the insinuations made in plantar descends book after an enormous us amount of personal research can wrote up his theories in documentary format in pitched the story to the bbc. The network was intrigued intrigued. It would be the first time the british world was exposed to the story of ren lucia toe the documentary the lost treasure of jerusalem alum aired in nineteen seventy two the show was a big hit english audiences had limited context for many of lincoln's theories and and mere speculation was presented as settled fact but that was just the beginning of how the theory would balloon plantar and decide had only hinted at the existence instance of a secret priory of ceylon with little speculation as to its purpose it was lincoln along with fellow conspiracy theorist michael by geant and richard lee who gave the organization hypothetical reason for existing in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the trio published the book holy blood blood holy grail which made extensive use of the forged parchments to prop up the theory of jesus's secret bloodline. It seems they they were unaware of the controversy surrounding the authenticity of the french dossier their theories were exhaustively debunked by scholars at the time of the book's looks publication but that didn't stop it from gaining widespread popularity holy blood holy grail even inspired the plot of the novel double the davinci code published in two thousand and three peer plantar continued to make false claims that he was the true king of france until nineteen ninety ninety three when he was taken to court for implicating some french government officials in his conspiracy there he confessed under oath to making up uh everything about the priory of ceylon with that in mind we have to read the conspiracy of the priory of science brian a one out of ten. Some of the theories claims are intriguing but all of the evidence traces back to a simple money-making con the.

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