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I'm Brian Gorman with me this evening, James Berland er on the board If you missed any of our Super Bowl 55 coverage, the podcasts are all up from Tuesday and Wednesday shows and we'll have everything up in just a bit from tonight Show in terms of the game itself. We've had on some great guests. My Karen's from Bay News nine today. Gregg Allman from the Athletic John Romano from the Tampa Bay Times. And yesterday, I thought we got some tremendous insight from true football insider Pat Kerwin, who is a consultant on NFL today on CBS. You could check out PM Tampa Bay Wherever you get your podcasts and find all of that, so you could listen to some great analysis. Whatever it is that you want, It's all on demand for you. Continuing now, with our Super Bowl 55 coverage. I'm joined by Tanya Dua, Senior reporter for Business and Saturday breakdown. This year's Super Bowl ads. Tania Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to talk to us. Let's start with some of the changes for this Super Bowl. A few big name companies who always advertise during the game have decided not to do. So. What went into that decision? Ryan. First of all. Thanks for having me on guys. Yes, the answer your question. Some pretty big names Pepsi Coca Cola from Die on Budweiser. I mean, a lot of other sort of on Hauser. Bush brands are driving in. But Budweiser, which has been a pretty big force with with, you know, it's quite snails and puppy ad is sitting out. And you know a lot of it. I think once in for that, you know different considerations for different brands. For some, you know, the $5.5 million price tag is a bit of a deference, especially when you sort of want to take a little bit of a measured approach. And after what has been a very trying year for all of us for others, I think you know it. A na paternity that so what else they're doing, So Budweiser is actually donating the amount it would have typically sent to you by fashion ad..

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