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What can the gophers do Doug? To train to change the trajectory in this game. I think they need to find a way to be more athletic use their athletic advantages. Simpson comes off a ball game. Why not get out of his hand? The push that temple spread that the court out. Daniel. And Jordan Murphy. They always have two guys in the paint offensively. I love Michigan really clog up the lane for any other sort of driving Ingles, especially Amir Coffey. Looking to get into the paint off that drive Michigan with the basketball to start the second Abbas data's drives on the left side of the lane. He's gonna back at it. With a lot of dribbling gets the shot up off the iron. It goes too hard off the he'll comes down to Jordan Murphy. But he lost the rebound on the way out a quick poke check, the steel hockey turned from John testy sends it out of bounds and Michigan will trigger it in left basket. Hey, he poked the ball right out of Jordan, Murphy hands. He is always acted. What's interesting is the almost never gets called for Phalle on those little testy pops to the corner to receive the inbound from Simpson Simpson comes for the handout reverses back. The other way to Jordan, Hulu comes off the curl on the baseline pool. The test on the picket role tried to bounce it to bras data's was cutting in from the week corner. But he couldn't get it out of his pocket and travel shot at yet. Layup. Beautiful screen roll Brennan the screen role to the baseline side. So the middle side yet layup instead he tried to film. It's too unselfish. I possession for the gophers to start the second half. They finished the first half on a drought that saw them fall behind by the current nineteen. Jordan murphy. Moves it on the right side. The Gabe Kausar deliberate first offense upset screen and roll coffee. Back to Murphy. Murphy puts it on the floor against bras data's back out the Kausar at Murphy traveled before he found. Gabe, gals Galster on the wing. Still a lot of driving to darkness for Minnesota bodies in front of a guy. Who knows he's talking about basketball? You know, you can drive into darkness, bypassing the light. But you really want to get that ball moving to drive in the light Charles Mathews off the screen. Roll the test dives to the hoop Simpson. It opened on the left side. Has he missed a three in the big ten tournament maybe one, but he's been very confident shooting. And like you said he always shoots off the past the Michigan lead up to twenty two we missed one earlier today and didn't look great shooting it. But both of these shoddy feet set in ranging rhythm. Download it goes to Jordan Murphy, overpowering thinks that dive it's right to the rim and goes up through bras Davis and puts it in to end the Michigan run forty one Twenty-one the wolverines with the lead. Michigan place catch on the perimeter guys cutting through the middle. Cool cuts to the top uses a stream and a whistle. And a foul going to be called on Gabe Kausar who's trying to keep up with them. Having to go around the testy screen almost twice once chasing is man. And then after pool catches the ball turns back against the grain to use it again. Michigan triggered in on the inbounds..

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