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I am Matt Ott Stott live in the K. M. J newsroom. The Capitol Police are now defending their response to yesterday's political unrest. Capitol police chief Steven Son said his officers responded valiantly as they were attacked with pipes, chemical irritants and other weapons. Lawmakers announced a review of the law enforcement response that they said raise serious questions and representative severe systematic failure and securing the capital, a sentiment echoed by D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser. Congress must create a nonpartisan commission toe Understand that catastrophic security failures D. C. Police made 68 arrests, and federal prosecutors said they're working to identify others from the mob to charge is warranted. Aaron Carter SKI ABC News Means I'm violent members of Congress is sharing their reactions. The yesterday storming of the United States Capitol by a group of protesters. Here is Democratic Congressman Jim Costa via a zoom call with reporters. We saw a group of people that decided that they would take the law into their own hands and take upon a treasonous act because that's what this is a treasonous act to, um, in fact, toward the will of the voters of the United States. And via Twitter. Republican Congressman David Vala Dale writes. Quote. This is un American. I denounced this behavior to the fullest extent we are so much better than this and quote some breaking news for you Shake up in the president's Cabinet. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has announced her resignation in the wake of yesterday's riot, becoming the first Trump Cabinet member to call it quits. And we're not learning more about the California woman killed during yesterday's protest outside the capital or inside the Capitol. I should say here's KBC is Mark Brown, The Washington Post reporting 35 year old Ashley Babbitt of San Diego was shot and killed inside the Capitol building. Her social media posts show that Babbitt was a staunch Trump supporter and who was in Washington D C. Taking part in the insurrection at the Capitol. Paramedics rushed Babbitt to a local trauma center where she died. Family members say Babbitt was a veteran who served 14 years in the Air Force. Three others suffered medical emergencies related to the capital breach and also died yesterday in D. C. Facebook, barring President Trump from posting on its system until at least the inauguration of President elect Joe Biden. In opposed this morning, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Trump's account will be locked for at least the next two weeks, but added, could remain locked indefinitely. And an award show battle is now brewing over dates. The Recording Academy this week announced it was postponing the Grammys because the coronavirus surge in Southern California moving from January 31st to March. 14th problem is March. 14th is the date for the rescheduled SAG awards and the actors union isn't happy to have to share, saying in a statement. They're disappointed with the Grammy move and feel it's not very friendly to have to compete for attention on the same night Recording academy had. Harvey Mason Jr tells entertainment tonight that it's not a perfect scenario, but both organization Chins. They're trying to deal with the pandemic and because of sporting events and other shows, there's no perfect weekend. Jason Nathan's an ABC News three minutes after 11 rolling on Wall Street in it continues the NASDAQ Up 300. The S and P 500 up 54 or better than 1.5% in the Dow Jones Industrial average has been trading over 31,000 all morning long. It's currently up. 221 points. Trading at 31,000 05 to Wish I had better news. Weather wise 40 60 reason. Foggy conditions here in Fresno At Radio City, the dense fog adviser from the National Weather Service officially expired at the top of the hour, but again areas of reduced visibility and that will linger as long as the falling stays where you are. Watch your speed, increase you travel distance and provided that fog lifts. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon highs generally in the mid to upper fifties, but there's a strong chance the fog returns and dance and spots for your Friday morning commute. The safe. That is news on the hour on the half, and when it breaks, I am Matt. Odd Start live on Newstalk, 5 81 059 f M. K. M. J..

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