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I'm d- Ensor. Perfect season commerce wins at thirty three seventeen. The final jump over to the division. Three playoffs. Now game report bedfellow at home today against word Borg and the Royal stay on a roll, Tim. Beasley joins us on the line from our hills and Abutbul played great football on a continued today. Yeah. For sure see if it was another great day for the royals forty one to fourteen victory over Wartburg college powerful run game suffocating defense big plays where the name of the game again for Bethel just said it's been for the last several weeks now. The Royal established the ground game early on grind Nelson long early drives mainly on the ground and building in twenty to nothing lead, and then the big chunk place started common sixty seven yard touchdown run. A seventy five yard interception return. A forty one yard touchdown run. With the were royal's final three scores of the day. The defense toll ten sacks two interceptions and holding Wartburg to negative forty two yards rushing while Bethel ran up three hundred and eighty seven yards on the ground against the Warburg team. That was allowing just eighty yards rushing coming in about the freshman quarterback. Jaren Rosty from Alexandria. He loved Bethel on the ground and in the air for the fifth time this year with one hundred and fifty yards rushing and three touchdowns running back. Sam Gibbons from elk river had one hundred seven yards and freshman linebacker slash running back. Mike del had seven carries for fifty one yards and two touchdowns. So Beppo only completed four fifteen passes on a day for thirty six yards. But the ground game. Was the recipe defense they will their season high with ten sacks five by the book and senior defensive ends of Cameron Munson for maple grove and Cal Kilgore out of cottage grove in east retired school and then calpeda junior linebacker from Prescott. Arizona he had the seventy five yard interception returned for the touchdown. So the royals they improved at ten and one on the air. Now, they'll look ahead to likely game next Saturday at north central college. Ironically, the last time the royals are in the playoffs in two thousand thirteen they hosted Wartburg in the second round and beat them and then hosted north central on a sub zero December day and they're only lost that year by the cardinals. So a rematch is one we've all been looking forward to since that day, and we'll get it next Saturday. All right big challenge in hopefully, we can get a game report. Tim on game with north central next Saturday. Yeah, for sure we'll make that happen. All right. Sounds good. There. He is Tim Beasley one skin joining us. From Arden hills. Were the royals win big. They some poured forty-one to fourteen they will play central they down Hanover fifty two zero. Meanwhile, in that same bracket UW whitewater rolled over Eureka's sixty seven to fourteen they'll play Saint Norbert Saint Norbert beat trying thirty one to seven Saint Norbert plays out of the mid west conference. Meanwhile, we put it out Saint John's with a historic win over Martin Luther eighty four to six that's the largest margin of victory. Indeed, three playoff history. We saw that tidbit earlier they will play the winner. A Whitworth and Clermont Whitworth leading Clermont in the third twenty two six that game will certainly be at Clemens stadium in college villainous. We pointed out a moment ago. You MD got beat Minnesota state main Kato very much alive. They didn't play today. They'll host as a number one seed next week in mankato's. Yeah. In a tough way to end for you MD were eleven and all, but they they can't get it done at home. Twenty four degrees up there in Duluth, Texas, m commerce. The defending d to champs coming in and get the victory. They had to punt returns for touchdowns one of them by Dominique Ramsey, and you MD the only points for the BULLDOGS a couple of picks sixes from the defense. So Minnesota Duluth not the way you want to end the season. But they go down to a very good, Texas. Am commerce team which was rated number fifteen going in and the BULLDOGS were number five. So this is clearly an upset thirty three seventeen the final. We should get a report from Bob Nygaard before we say goodbye today. Quick break. We'll come back big ten top twenty five scores and the Missouri valley scoreboard northwestern beat Minnesota twenty four seventeen CF Bank stadium today. Manila's sort of closes it out at Wisconsin with a win over the badgers. They would become bowl eligible. We'll get into that as well here on a Saturday. At C C the player show.

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