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New legislation has been introduced in Congress that seeks to make sure that drug treatments and a future covert nineteen vaccine are affordable details on that from WTOP's Rachel Miller today on the hill Connecticut congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is one of the lawmakers co sponsoring the legislation which is designed to prevent price gouging by drug makers we are saying that the public health crisis should not be allowed to become a for profit the man one bill would prohibit companies from having a monopoly on federally funded drugs and make the pricing more transparent another measure sponsored by Texas congressman Lloyd Doggett would step up oversight of taxpayer funded research without major these pharmaceuticals would not exist lawmakers are also concerned the federal government supply of a drug that's been used to treat covert nineteen ram does severe could soon run out on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news the White House scaling back on temperature checks for those who enter the building the hill reports the move comes as the seat shifts into phase two of its re opening process everyone entering have been required to pass a temperature check over the past few months but tents set up along the north entrance of the White House to conduct screenings were taken down this morning a White House spokesman says anyone in close proximity to the president and vice president will still be temperature checked on voluntary check some masks would continue to be available it's one thirty five **** business we know how much business owners like you need to keep going keep reaching keep fighting and keep doing business you're working where you need to how you need to and making it work no matter how much things have changed you can't stop so we won't.

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